It Can't Be All Politics All the Time

During today’s RedState LIVE! I couldn’t help but rant about a tweet I came across that angered me. It was from your typical social justice warrior who believes everything — even everything in your own life — revolves around them. In particular, this one said that if you have a live stream, then telling people that political talk isn’t allowed is a “red flag” for marginalized people.

The user has since limited who can see the tweet, but the internet is forever and I managed to screenshot it before she could rip it from the general view of the public.

As an aside, hiding this from the public is a weird move. Is this a message for the general public or just a message for your fellow wokescolds to seal-clap about? I’m guessing the latter, since now only she and her band of perpetually unhappy “allies” can see it.

But I digress.

As a live streamer, I couldn’t help but weigh in. While RedState LIVE! is a stream focused on culture and politics (live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 EST) I also have a non-political Twitch stream called The Morse Code where I also have that very common rule. We don’t really talk politics and if anyone attempts to make things political, they’re warned away from it.

I have this rule for several reasons. Firstly, I work in politics for a living and I don’t necessarily want to talk about it more during my downtime. Secondly, politics is just flat-out divisive, and the stream that I want everyone to feel welcome in won’t feel very welcoming if we’re taking that time to saturate it with political talk that is only going to upset people.

But it’s also because one can’t be all politics all the time. It’s not healthy.

Politics is just one aspect of our society and it is a divisive force by nature. It causes people to come together to better decide how to rule society and everyone has a different idea about how to go about that. While some align closer together than others and form a political party, even with the party there is division. America is one of the few countries in the history of the planet to make that work in the country’s favor.

If you do nothing but look at life through the lens of politics, you’ll be effectively seeing the world through the wrong end of the telescope and, what’s more, it’s constantly on fire.

Case in point, look at the social justice warriors in our society. They have been trained to look at everything through the lens of social justice. Nothing is innocent, everything is guilty, and it’s their job to find out how, shame the target for it, and get it to fall in line. It’s a miserable existence and it makes for some very miserable people. It does something to them mentally and they begin to hate the world and everyone in it, especially themselves.

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The world is far more than politics. For one, from the perspective of a Christian man like myself, God made a world far more vibrant and busy than one person can comprehend. To focus everything on politics is to go to a Vegas buffet and only eat the steamed vegetables. There’s so much more to experience and talk about.

On Thursday, chat and I went through movie theories about the Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. What this woman above is suggesting is that she, or people like her, be able to come into the chat and immediately derail the stream so that we can focus on her and her politics, and not allowing her to do that makes me and everyone in chat who doesn’t immediately allow her to do it, some sort of bigot, phobe, or ist.

These people are miserable and they want us to be just as miserable as they are. As such, their demand is that they be allowed to make everything political, including your life and your hobbies.

I can’t recommend you away from that kind of thinking enough. Take a step back from politics as often as you’re able and embrace the world as it is, not as some people in power want you to think it is.


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