When It Comes to Abortion Protesters, Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

(Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP)

An animal is never more dangerous than when it’s backed into a corner. It begins making terrifying noises and snaps wildly at anything that moves near it.

The animal backed into a corner in this analogy is the abortion activist. This beast is watching as all the work it did since the 1970s is unraveled right before its eyes and with little to nothing it can do about it. It’s as furious as it is panicked. Honestly…it’s pretty fun to watch.

I know I had a good time.

But these pro-abortion lunatics are more than just screeching women who wish to over-dramatize and put on bizarre demonstrations. The left isn’t just known for yelling and screaming. They’re also known for taking it too far. Everything from throwing feces at people to bombing buildings is on the table.

Crazed abortion activists will go to any lengths to keep their baby sacrifices to whatever lower-case “g” god, whether it’s the Democrat Party or the self. They will because the Democrat Party will encourage them to. As RedState has been reporting, pro-life organizations have already been met with threats of violence and fire.

(READ: Activist Media Calls Pro-Lifers ‘Terrorists’ While Ignoring Arson Attack on Pro-Life Organization)

Don’t be fooled, though. There’s more on the line than abortion, it’s the midterms.

As I’ve written previously, the timing of this draft decision leak from the Supreme Court is awfully timely. Through this, the Democrats can finally take some of the negative attention they’ve been smacked with and rally their base under an old tried-and-true issue. They can use it to bump up their approval numbers, fundraise, organize, and more.

And we’ve seen this before, more than once.

During both the 2016 and 2020 elections, Black Lives Matter became the most popular unofficial political party in the nation and it was attached at the hip to the Democrat Party. Through BLM, atrocities were done to the American people under the guise of social justice. Everyone from innocent retired police officers to little girls were murdered as cities were put to the torch.

All of this was supposed to protect black lives but it was the black community that suffered the most from the Black Lives Matter riots.

Not shocking to anyone, Black Lives Matter more or less disappeared once the elections were over. All that was left of it were its leaders who had stepped away rich and questions as to where all the money that had been donated to it had gone. Many are still trying to answer that question.

I can’t imagine that this fight over abortion will be much different, at least, their intent will be very similar. They will want to escalate this till there are riots in the streets, and to a degree, they’re already getting them.

The pattern will likely be the same. They’ll use this abortion issue to generate press, narratives, donations, and more as it all escalates to burning cities, assaults, and even death. Democrats will run on the issue of stopping the evil Republican party from taking women’s agency from them and attempting to enforce some sort of patriarchal society. Antifa will get involved as well.

And then after the election, it will all just disappear again.

Because when it comes to the left, it’s never about the issue, it’s about the power that the issue can get you. If that means some people have to lose their livelihoods or their lives, then it’s just a sacrifice you’re going to have to make.

The biggest issue for them, however, is how they’re going to get the American people to fully jump on board with this with cities still smoldering from the last riot they caused. At some point, fatigue is going to set in, and it may cause more Americans to turn away than embrace them.



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