Teammate of Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Now Speaking Out and She's Not Happy

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Women are being erased and transgenderism is a big part of it. This is seen the most in the area of women’s sports where men identifying as women are joining women’s teams and dominating competitions.


One case, in particular, is the UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas who previously achieved national attention when new Ivy-League records were set during the Zippy Invitational at the University of Akron. The catch is that none of these records were set by a woman. Thomas is a man.

Despite the media’s celebration of Thomas’s victories, his record-breaking isn’t impressing many others. It’s especially not going well with members of his own team who have spoken out in the past about the unfair nature of Thomas’s victories.

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They confessed that they feel pressured to applaud Thomas.

“When the whole team is together, we have to be like, ‘Oh my gosh, go Lia, that’s great, you’re amazing.’ It’s very fake,” said one swimmer.

A source told OutKick that when Thomas touched the wall during a race, everyone was dead silent, which is unusual during these races. However, when Anna Kalandadze finished second, the crowd erupted in applause.


Now, another of Thomas’s teammates is speaking out according to the Washington Examiner, and confessing that thanks to people like Thomas, she feels like a third-class citizen:

“Women are now third-class citizens,” the swimmer told me. She also specifically detailed how Thomas’s male genetics provide a distinct advantage. Where William didn’t perform as well at some events in the men’s sport, Thomas has thrived as a woman.

“Lia was not even close to being competitive as a man in the 50 and the 100 (freestyle events),” the anonymous swimmer said. “But just because Lia is biologically a man, [Lia] is just naturally better than many females in the 50 and the 100 or anything that [Lia] wasn’t good at as a man.”

Looking at the stats, it’s clear that Thomas isn’t very good when competing against his own gender, consistently falling behind men’s records by decent lengths. However, as a “woman,” Thomas is taking the natural strength and power of the male form and utilizing it to dominate women’s competitions as everyone is forced to cheer for him.

It’s that outward public support that the swimmer believes is truly making the situation worse as only having these conversations in private isn’t helping anything and it’s actually harming the future of these women.


“I’m trying to do everything I can without harming my future from stopping this from happening,” she said. “I can’t just sit back and let something like this happen. I’m not just going to sit back and say, ‘My rights are being taken away, too bad.’ It’s embarrassing that people aren’t speaking out more.”

It should be pretty sad that a woman can’t speak out about women’s issues for fear of being targeted as being intolerant and hateful because a man is eliminating her opportunities and making sure that they stay silent through socio-political pressure.

But even more sad is the fact that these men who identify as something they aren’t are erasing women. More accurately, femininity is being erased, shamed, or silenced in the face of this transgender blitzkrieg on our society. The LGBT activists along with the social justice obsessed and new-wave feminists have done quite a bit in the quest to make women less like women and more like men, effectively shoving out feminine women who would rather embrace their biological qualities.

The left weirdly refers to this as being “inclusive,” but this is a buzzword that actually means shoving women to the side in order to make room for “women” who are clearly not women. They’re invading women’s spaces, competing in their sports, and punishing them with social anger when they speak out. It’s even gotten to the point where these men complain that lesbians don’t look at them as sexual partners, and lesbians are voicing their anger over their communities being infiltrated.


Thomas is cheating. Bottom line.

But he’s not just cheating in a competition, he’s cheating actual women out of what is rightfully theirs.

Society needs to stop applauding this.



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