The Radical Left Is Getting Very Hubristic About Their Plans to Sexualize Children

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

The radical left has a pedophilia problem. Full stop.

As of late, many on the hard left have begun pushing forward with an attempt to normalization of pedophilia, going all-in with both furtive and loud attempts to introduce sex and sexualization to your children.

We here at RedState have been documenting these moves from the radical left for some time. These moves include attempting to come up with language that gives pedophiles softer titles such as “minor-attracted persons.” They openly advocate for introducing kids to “kinks,” and states like Colorado dropped the term “sex offender” because the label is too harsh. In schools, they introduce books to your children that feature pedophilia in their pages, and when parents rise up in protest the leftists that have taken control of the schools push back.

Democrats in Florida are even flat-out lying about a bill in Florida that protects children from talks about sex and sexuality from the third grade and younger in order to turn people against the legislation.

The war isn’t just for control of your children, it’s for control of the innocence and moral health of your children. They want to be able to do whatever they wish to your children and take your control out of the question, and God help your child if they ever manage to succeed.

Activists for this kind of shift in our culture being more welcoming to pedophilia have embedded themselves in many places, be it in the media, the halls of Washington, or even in local communities. Christopher Rufo of City Journal came across a “Sexy Summer Camp” for children in rural Kentucky. As Rufo tells it, the four women involved will teach your children BDSM, how to be a sex worker, and sexual activity while using drugs.

As Rufo highlighted, the leader of this “Sexy Summer Camp” has released a video claiming that as soon as her nephews were old enough to talk, she was teaching them to masturbate.


Rufo’s research even led him to discover more of these kinds of camps in Indiana.

This is grooming, pure and simple. These people should have no business in attempting to push sex on children and yet, for some reason, they have found this to be okay to do. Moreover, their hubris about it has become so ingrained that they are now doing this in the wide-open where everyone can see.

The pedophiles in this country seem to feel like they’re ready for a fight and if we’re being honest, we as a society haven’t given them much reason to think otherwise, at least until recently with the revolt of parents all over the country against corrupt school boards.

For years, we’ve sat back and allowed LGBT activists to include children in various things such as “drag story hour” where drag queens put on performances and read books to children, all of it laced with sexual overtones and sometimes grotesque performances. We saw children like “Desmond Is Amazing” and others like him be glorified by the mainstream media, even to the point where they allowed the child to march out on stage and perform a dance after midnight at a gay bar.

While we may have spoken out, we didn’t do much in terms of trying to stop them. Only now that we’re showing up to school boards in person and running against them for their chairs are we seeing things move back toward a sense of sanity. However, control of the schools won’t be enough. As we can see, they’ll happily work outside the education system in order to groom your children.

This is going to take a much larger cultural shift. Speaking out and showing up to these places in protest in order to make it clear that pedophilia won’t be tolerated must be at the top of the “to-do” list. Showing up at your local governments, making it clear to officials in state capitols, and much more will be required in order to get the point across that pedophilia won’t be tolerated in our society and that using the excuse of “education” and “acceptance” won’t fly as excuses.

This is the literal protection of our children we’re talking about here, not some sexual relationship between two consenting adults. Keeping the government out of things is important but the creation of laws does have a legitimate purpose. This is one of them.


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