RSL Highlights: The Truth About 'Misinformation'

RSL Highlights: The Truth About 'Misinformation'
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

You can’t go through the day without hearing the term at least a dozen times, usually being bandied about by media figures and politicians attempting to protect a narrative they created from those who wish to question it. The more legitimate a question is, the more it’s inconvenient to the narrative, and as such, any facts or figures used to challenge the established mainstream contrivance will be labeled as “misinformation.”

During Monday’s RedState LIVE!, I came across a clip of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau throwing the term around in order to sell the idea that the people doing it are trying to push countries toward more authoritarianism.

Yes, the same Trudeau that wanted to continue unnecessary COVID-19 rules that would make life harder for truckers moving supplies back and forth at a time when we’re already suffering a supply shortage. The same Trudeau that was recently the guy who inspired Canadians to launch a freedom protest against him.

That Trudeau.

The abuse of the term “misinformation” has to stop, especially when Trudeau is using it to break with reality and say the weirdest stuff like he did in the clip below.

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