Finally: Spotify Tells Woke Employees Stop Whining About Joe Rogan's Podcast.

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Joe Rogan is the King Kong of podcasting and with almost 200 million downloads per month of his show the “The Joe Rogan Experience,” he is one of the most listened to people in the country. Earlier this year, he signed a mega-deal with Spotify to host his show exclusively on that platform, and almost immediately the complaining from the hired help started to bubble up.


One of the features of Rogan’s show is that he has a wide variety of guests with an even wider scope of views which generally makes for a damn interesting show which has made it the monster that it is. What that also means is that some people who listen will get their feelings hurt being the show is about as non P.C. in this snowflake P.C. era where feelings mean more than facts.

Enter carnival barker, Alex Jones.

Personally, I can’t stand Jones. He is everything that is wrong with people in all media that are more interested in becoming a personality at any cost. His stance on the Sandy Hook massacre in which he alleged that maybe those kids that were murdered were not actually dead and that crisis actors were brought in was blood boiling in its stupidity. Yet that nimrod for years peddled that nonsense and probably profited off of it.

Rogan has had Jones on his show before and when he migrated the episodes from other platforms not all of his previous shows made the transfer. One of those shows was a previous interview he had with Alex Jones and no reason has yet been given as to why that is.

Maybe to correct that oversight Joe Rogan decided to have Alex Jones on his show last week and the brats at Spotify were none too happy about this. However, the brass at the top decided to nip this one in the Budd before the participation trophy generation got too cranky to deal with.


According to Business Insider

Spotify emailed managers talking points to help field questions from employees after the podcaster Joe Rogan’s controversial decision to have the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,”

While the email did not mention Jones by name, it instructed managers on how to respond to questions or concerns regarding content hosted on the platform, according to BuzzFeed News.

“If a team member has concerns about any piece of content on our platform, you should encourage them to report it to Trust & Safety because they are the experts on our team charged with reviewing content,” Horacio Gutierrez, Spotify’s chief legal officer, said in the email, according to BuzzFeed News. “However, it’s important that they aren’t simply flagging a piece of content just because of something they’ve read online. It’s all too common that things are taken out of context.”

So the management at Spotify is taking the opposite track of the kids over at Facebook and Twitter that just have decided to shut down views that they personally don’t like. They also have 100 million reasons to make sure that Rogan’s show thrives on their site but it is still a welcome sign that they are not folding to the bellyachers as other sites have.


Someone like Alex Jones should have a spotlight shown on him and crushed for those idiotic views he holds. Joe Rogan was more than happy to accommodate him and that should not only be tolerated but celebrated. Unfortunately, too many today want to shield everyone from things that hurt their feelings instead of challenging them in the arena of ideas. 

Spotify has decided to act in the spirit of the founders who cherished fiery debates instead of the fascists’ ideas that so many in the woke crowd hold while pointing fingers at others projecting the very mindset they hold themselves.

Thank God for that.

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