DC Comics Is Killing off the Justice League, and I Hope They Stay Dead This Time

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, et al, have been around long before I arrived in this world, but I didn’t have to be there at the start to understand the importance of DC Comics’ superheroes on cultures all over the world. Superman’s “S” symbol is one of the most recognizable on the globe, and Batman is so popular that even his villains are some of the most beloved characters of all time.


DC Comic heroes represented many things to many people. They were inspirations to a lot of people, and glimmers of positivity and hope to people experiencing dark times. For others, they were the avenue for escape from our reality and friends to those who didn’t have any.

Personally, I was never an avid reader of DC Comics but I didn’t have to be in order to appreciate the characters and the universe they lived in. I think Batman’s arch-nemesis “The Joker” is one of the greatest literary characters ever created, and I consider the “Injustice” storyline to be fascinating.

But times change, and in our current time, the arts have been hijacked by radical ideologues who wish to insert their politics into every facet of our escapism. Naturally, they infiltrated the comic industry and have been creating storylines and characters that nobody wanted or asked for, and as a result, have effectively crashed the American comic industry. DC didn’t escape the takeover. In fact, it was one of the brands that suffered the worst.

In fact, looking at the top 20 adult graphic novels, not one DC Comic can be seen on the list.

But DC isn’t course correcting. In fact, it’s doubling down on its LGBT, climate-change concerned, anti-patriarchy, feminist characters, and storylines and ridding itself of the past. According to Bounding Into Comics, DC has killed off the Justice League. This means their staples of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more have met their end.


While this has been done before, DC Comics writer Joshua Williamson indicated that they are “very serious” about killing off those beloved characters.

“We want people to understand, this is serious and this is gonna have a major impact in the DCU moving forward,” he stated.

It’s entirely possible that this could be a sales stunt and that the heroes will return at a later date…but I hope they don’t, and for several reasons, but the primary one is that I’m tired of watching these heroes be abused and morphed into something they aren’t.

The social justice obsessed and woke culture has been taking these heroes that many of us grew up with and altering them into shadows of their former selves, oftentimes advocating for modern mainstream “morals” and “virtues” that seem outside of their character. Oftentimes these plot elements and additional characters seemed shoehorned in or try-hard to a point where it becomes nonsensical and obviously political.

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I would rather Batman and Superman die and stay unmolested than watch their legacies be tortured and destroyed like a child cruelly pulling the wings off a butterfly for his amusement and then declaring that he somehow improved the insect by doing so.


My hope is that in death they would stay intact and be remembered as they were, not what these social justice-obsessed “artists” attempted to make them into.

Aside from this, these characters have been around for ages with seemingly no end to the revamps, reboots, and regurgitations that continue to appear in comics, movies, and video games. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed some of the media created around DC characters, especially Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the Arkham games, but maybe it’s time for society to move on from these characters. They can only be reintroduced so many times before even the new entries and storylines begin to look old.

Sometimes, things mean more because they ended, not because they’ve stuck for so long. Case in point, while America’s comic industry may be dying a slow, painful death, Japanese manga is selling by leaps and bounds.

The reason for this is multifaceted. For one, there’s not a drop of wokeness to be found within their pages, but two, most of them have a beginning and an end. The storylines found in manga have a goal and a purpose. Their characters and situations all work toward a conclusion that — at least the best mangas — tie up the story well and leave it alone after that. There are rarely attempts to artificially extend the storyline, cheapening the story’s finale and overusing the characters until they’ve lost that spark that made them so popular in the first place.


American comics, however, continue to wheel out these characters over and over until even fans lose interest, stop reading, and lose track.

I hope the Justice League stays dead, and I hope its current crop of new woke heroes kills the American comic book industry, and I hope that something new takes it place and from there we get a fresh, new crop of heroes that will move into being just as legendary as Superman and Batman. Then, I hope their storylines stop too, and the process starts all over again.


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