They Don't Respect the Symbol Which Is Why They Destroy the Meaning Behind Them

Steven Senne

Think of some very recognizable symbols you’ve seen throughout the course of your life. The yellow and black symbol of Batman, or the red and gold symbol of Superman. The star-emblazoned shield of Captain America, or the red and black arachnid of Spider-Man.


Even the number “007” paired with the silhouette of the Walther PPK.

Each of these symbols brings with it a feeling or an idea. Each of them has an attached personality that you think about when you see them. Seeing the Red “S” of Superman immediately triggers the feeling of strength and righteousness. Captain America’s shield feels like patriotism, individualism, and honor.

While you see these things, the corporations that own them see something else.

They see you, they see your wallet, but more than that, they see your outrage.

As I wrote yesterday, DC Comics made the decision to make Superman bisexual. They did this by effectively taking Clark Kent out of the picture and passing the mantle down to his son, Jonathan Kent who is now effectively Superman. In their upcoming comic, it’s been teased that Superman will have a male love interest.

The reason they’re doing this is that DC’s target audience is no longer you. They’ve instead decided to move on to cater to a very niche group of people who exist on the hard-left.

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But as I hinted in the previous article, that doesn’t make you useless to them. You can still drive sales without even picking up your wallet. More useful to them is your anger and outrage.

The truth is that Superman’s comic book run isn’t doing so hot. The second issue released last August ranked all the way down to 56th place according to Comichron. DC’s answer to spice up what they likely knew would be a failure was to inject the lowest hanging fruit in terms of getting attention in today’s society; woke virtue signaling.


So now Superman has a taste for men and the gold and red “S” will now be snuggled up to a homosexual dude with pink hair.

It feels alien (no pun intended) that this Kryptonian symbol should now come to represent something other than “truth, justice, and the American way.” It’s been taken and molested by people who outwardly don’t like America, and if we’re being honest, that was kind of the point.

They want you to watch as they take these symbols and destroy them in front of you. They want to make these symbols act in ways that are uncharacteristic so that you will see them, get angry, and make people curious about them. They want to spread their message through your outrage. Not only do they get the attention, but they also get the satisfaction of watching you hate them.

In today’s victim-driven society, given hate is a currency for these people on the hard-left.

To be sure, I think there are many things out there that need to be protected, but in the case of comic books, the best way to protect the legacy of the symbol is to reward their attempts at attention garnering with indifference. They aren’t trying to start a conversation, they just want your outrage. The best thing you can do is not give it to them.

As far as sales figures go, our society has done a very good job of this. American comic sales are down big and Warner Bros had to lay off 600 people from DC Comics in 2020. At some point, DC Comics will become a drag on its bottom line and something will have to give. Or, it may shutter its doors completely. It may even sell it off.


But regardless the damage will be done and businesses will learn that going woke will very likely result in going broke. It’ll be a signal to all the other companies that tampering this badly with the symbol will result in the symbol ceasing to mean anything to people, and when the symbol no longer means anything, the dollars stop flowing.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised how fast these “woke” companies will change their principles when their bottom line is threatened.

Just ask Netflix.

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