The Feminist '1984' Reboot Is Hardly a Coincidence

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Earlier, I wrote a story on the plan to write a feminist version of the legendary anti-totalitarian novel “1984” that had been approved by the estate of author George Orwell, and why such a decision wasn’t just odd but backward. Modern feminism is, in many ways, the totalitarian ideology Orwell had warned us against.

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The fact that a feminist take is even being written in the world at all does seem awfully strange, given what feminism actually is. While the left and mainstream media may describe it as women’s empowerment and freedom, it’s really a very rigid ideology that demands compliance under the threat of turning the person or group rebelling against it into a pariah. It is the largest social justice group within woke culture and shares quite a few traits with the totalitarian government in “1984” known as “The Party.”

But I want to bring attention to one of Orwell’s paragraphs about the world of “1984”:

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped.”

Targeting “1984” for a feminist retelling isn’t just another cash grab of some formerly popular property that will use your nostalgia as a tool. This was one of the great western novels that hammered home the western ideals of freedom of all kinds. It warned people against believing a government striving for power, a media that pumps out propaganda, and a culture that is so intolerant that even having certain thoughts could be considered a crime.

This book is being rewritten, and it’s not the only one.

Not long ago I brought this very point up about the effort of Amazon to create a new Lord of the Rings series. This comes amidst the Tolkien society introducing concepts Tolkien never intended to in his books such as transgendered people in Gondor, a gay Saruman, and complaints that there weren’t enough female dwarves in the books.

The Amazon series is meant to create a new feel and tone to Middle Earth that supersedes or retroactively repaints the original work, diverting its meanings and messages from their true intent and covering them with modern nonsense. It’s a perversion that allows them to take something that the west not only cherished, but saw itself in, and puts it all behind a veil of modernity in order to further usher the west into its own destruction.

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The reimagining of “1984” is another example of this. It was one of those novels that truly spoke to us and warned us of what governments were capable of doing. The author had seen it with his own eyes in nations like Russia and Germany, and was sounding the alarm so that it wouldn’t happen in the U.K. or America.

And here are the enemies he spoke about attempting to silence him by utilizing his own works against him. They won’t stop with him either, just like they didn’t stop with Tolkien.

Every record will be destroyed or falsified, every book will be rewritten, every picture will be repainted, every statue and street building will be renamed, and every date will be altered. History will be stopped.


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