Judge Schroeder Is Right: the Mainstream Media Should Never Be Trusted in a Courtroom Again

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

Judge Bruce Schroeder, the man presiding over the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, has been dealing with one circus after another. Between the prosecution that has deliberately attempted to hide video evidence to the cacophony of media nonsense being heaped upon it, Schroeder’s job has been made all the harder.


As my colleague Nick Arama reported, Schroeder expressed his frustration toward the media and its “grossly irresponsible handling” of what happened in the trial, and to be sure, the mainstream media has been nothing but toxic toward Rittenhouse and even Schroeder. The entire thing has made him rethink media being in the courtroom during trials he presides over, an issue he’s never questioned before.

As my colleague highlighted, the media spearheaded various attacks on Schroeder himself, including his “God Bless the USA” ringtone, as well as an innocent joke about Asian food being stuck at a port that the media, of course, deemed as somewhat racist.

This was accompanied by various misrepresentations of the trial’s events, such as ABC burying the key testimony of Gaige Grosskreutz which effectively bombed the prosecution’s case.

It’s this media repositioning of the facts that have caused a shadow to fall over the entire case in the public, and may even lead to more rioting in Kenosha if some activists get their way. Indeed, wherever the media focuses their cameras, more destruction is likely to follow.


This was proved not long ago by Harvard economist Roland Fryer who set out to find out if police are actually responsible for the death and destruction of black lives. Instead, what he ended up finding through his research was that police actually save lives. The real death and destruction of black lives come at the hands of riots, and those riots seem to spring up in areas where the media focuses its reporting.

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The pattern follows that when the media begins reporting on an individual incident, it generates outrage around it. This outrage usually results in the villainizing of certain figures, usually police, since the police are the ones who stop the crime from happening in the first place through proactive policing. Once the media begins its onslaught, politicians buckle and begin lashing out at police, who then become far timider about doing their jobs. In extreme cases, the politicians handcuff the police from doing any real work.

This then leads to more violence as the police back off, and no one suffers more than minority communities in this case as discovered by Fryer.


In the case of Rittenhouse, the media has painted the trial as unfair and biased despite clear evidence being brought forth that Rittenhouse is innocent. Not only is the media effectively orchestrating society to view Rittenhouse, his defense attorneys, and Schroder as pariahs for the rest of their lives, they may also be inciting another riot or, at the very least, violent action against others.

So Schroeder is on the right track. The media should likely be kept well away from courtrooms, or at the very least, high-profile cases. Not only do they misrepresent the events, but they may also lead to further damage.


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