Biden Should Heed This Warning About Vaccine Requirements and the Supply Shortage

Charlie Neibergall

There’ve been a lot of bad ideas throughout history, including the history of this nation, but one of the worst is the self-destructive vaccine mandate that Democrats are pushing against all common sense in order to virtue signal through authoritarianism.

As I wrote previously, I’m not entirely sure the Democrats thought the vaccine mandate out. Many crucial businsesses and services are short-staffed enough as it is, including the medical community where 16 percent of hospitals that are already lacking enough staff to handle the people who need help. Now add on to that the 15 percent of medical professionals who have declared that they won’t be taking the vaccine for one reason or another.

We also already watched an entire airline become crippled due to what was very likely a staff shortage due to vaccine mandates.

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At the time, I couldn’t help but ask what happens when other professions begin showing signs that a solid chunk of their workforce would disappear overnight such as teachers, grocers, mechanics, or truck drivers.

Especially truck drivers, as we now have a supply shortage on our hands.

Now, that warning has gone out as not one, but two leaders of a trucker’s associations are telling Biden that if he thinks it’s bad now, just wait till all the trucker’s decide they’ve had enough and walk off the job:

Todd Spencer, President of the Owner–Operator Independent Drivers Association, said a lot of truckers will just retire at the point because they have lived through a lot and want it to be their choice.

“Trucking is a heavily regulated industry and most all those regulations target drivers and at some point people say I’ve had enough,” he said.

David Owen, President of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, also spoke during the press conference and made it clear that “everybody is essential when it comes to jobs in the world we’re in today.”

“But it’s particularly so in trucking,” he said, warning that the mandates could worsen existing problems with shortages of basic items.

“I don’t think the receiving public understands that trucks have to run everyday. Everyday. Nonstop. They can’t miss a day. Drivers can’t miss a day. You’re already seeing shortages in the grocery stories, you’re going to see shortages in fuel,” he said.

“Fuel prices are going to continue to go sky high. What you’re doing is very, very important and we wholeheartedly support what you’re doing and hope that we can use this as something that gets this draconian, overbearing administration under control,” he added.

Perhaps people don’t understand the importance of the the trucking industry.

According to TruckerPath, 80 percent of all cargo in the United States is transported by truck. The trucking industry makes up six percent of all jobs in America (7.1 million people), and any given thing you bought recently in a store got there because a truck brought it there first.

It takes that many people to keep America well stocked, well fed, and well maintained. Any hit to that number could have wide-ranging repercussions. Medical supplies could fail to reach hospitals and pharmacies. Machine parts could fail to reach maintenance crews that keep a town flowing with electricity. Food and sanitary items could suddenly take a massive hit, causing hunger and sickness to run rampant.

The possibilites for destruction are endless.

The vaccine mandates are a foolish idea born out of some ridiculous need to prove that the Democrat party cares about people by locking things down and creating draconian rules that do more harm than good.

We’re not talking minor annoyances here. The Democrats should understand that the vaccine mandates aren’t being resisted because of some irrational anti-vax position, but if they’re going to continue down this path then it will get to a point where people won’t care about political narratives. America will begin to implode and history will not look kindly on those who supported it, and especialy those who enacted it.


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