The Iron Dome Works on Doing More Than Just Protecting Israel

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

I’d like to tell you I’m astounded about the fact that there are people within our own congress that have very little good to say about the state of Israel, but given the extremism that has infected the Democrat Party, I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them didn’t start advocating that we fund and supply terrorist groups in order to help bring the small nation down.

Given, Democrats have already supplied the Taliban, so that’s one box checked.

The Squad, however, is not having such a good day, as the vote passed and a billion dollars will be handed to Israel in order to help reload their iron dome protective system. According to reports, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez changed her vote from “no” to “present” and then proceeded to have a good cry on the shoulder of Rep. Jayapal.

The Iron Dome, an anti-missile defense system that shoots rockets fired by terrorist groups like Hamas out of the sky before they can strike Israel’s civilian population, is something that is necessary for the safety of innocents. Their enemies are many, and they include the likes of AOC, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Rep. Ilhan Omar who did not want the iron dome restocked.

This is effectively saying that you think innocent Israelis should die at the hands of terrorist groups. Not military or even government operatives, but innocent citizens including children.

The excuse for their hatred is that Israelis are the real villains here. They bomb Palestinians all the time according to their detractors.

To be sure, Israel’s kill/death ratio is much higher than Hamas’s as you can see in the graph below.

That’s 251 deaths suffered by Israel to Palestinians suffering 5,590 deaths over the course of a decade. There are two things to remember here, however, and they’re points that anti-semitic congresswomen seem to either forget or ignore (my money is on the latter).

Firstly, it’s proof that the iron dome works to protect the innocent, and whether you like Israel or not, people who don’t deserve to die shouldn’t have to die. It’s that simple. The iron dome defense systems should stay in place and I don’t mind helping keep them restocked. It’s a good cause.

Secondly, it proves that Hamas isn’t interested in the protection of the lives under their own “guardianship,” if you can call it that. It shows that they’re willing to continue to launch rockets from schools, hospitals, etc., and hope that Israel bombs the location because it gives them advantageous press from a very ideologically driven media in the west.

That may seem hyperbolic but as one report showed back in May, this was the wish of a man in Gaza who told Israel to bomb his building containing children for this reason.

(READ: Gazan Man Openly Invites IDF to Kill His Children After IDF Warns Him of Oncoming Attack)

These are the people “the squad” has decided are their allies; children killers.

If the passage of legislation that helps protect innocents makes AOC cry then I can only hope we pass more of this kind of legislation resulting in more tears from people like her falling from their faces. Without a doubt, I can say that these people are beyond evil as are the people who think like them.

One has to wonder how they would feel if they were in constant danger of having missiles strike their house even when they’ve done nothing to deserve it, and what kind of hope they would have in those who would help fund their protective systems. How would they feel about those who opposed it?

One thing is for sure. The Iron Dome is definitely good at protecting Israel, but it’s even better at getting evil to expose itself.


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