White House In Damage Control Mode as Biden's Constant Lateness Becomes a Big Problem

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

If you’ve ever tuned in to see President Joe Biden give his comments or a speech on any given subject, you’ve probably learned you’re going to be waiting a while. Biden is rarely on time to his speech, and we’re not talking a few minutes or even half an hour late. We’re talking hours.


As Fox News points out, Biden’s tardiness to his own events is getting attention and causing real damage to the messages the Democrats want to impart:

Biden’s remarks Tuesday from the White House were delayed more than four hours after being rescheduled twice, and the U.S. evacuation effort in Afghanistan was the last topic he addressed after touting his Build Back Better agenda.

“He made us wait a number of hours and then touted a $5 trillion liberal wishlist that will increase greater inflation and transform our country in the worst way possible,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy fumed during a press briefing Wednesday morning.

“The most embarrassing part though, was that he refused to take questions, and he turned his back and walked away — an image that has come to define him and his presidency,” McCarthy said. “He turned his back on our own citizens stranded in Afghanistan, he’s turned our back on our allies and partners, he’s turned his back on his duties as commander in chief.”

He was also late nearly an hour late in giving his defense on the Afghanistan withdrawal. What makes it even worse is that when does give his speeches, he rarely stops to answer questions from the press. Regardless, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield had the gall to tell MSNBC that Biden “never shies away from taking questions.”

A blatant lie, especially since Biden has already confessed to being instructed not to answer certain questions at one point.


On top of that, both Press Secretary Jen Psaki and VP Kamala Harris seemed to be radio silent despite their involvement in the process. Psaki’s offices kept returning “out of office” messages on the same day Kabul was taken by the Taliban. Harris said she played a part in the Afghanistan decision but isn’t saying a word.

It’s clear that Biden isn’t trusted among his own staff to do and say what’s necessary to keep him and the Democrat party out of the fire. It’s likely that Biden’s oft-delayed statements and press appearances have something to do with this distrust. Regardless, it seems his lack of press appearances and short talks when these appearances do happen, is only furthering the idea that the President isn’t fit to be President. Hiding this fact is a priority and there’s likely a lot of coaching, practice, and more that goes into every speech he gives. Moreso than previous presidents before him.


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