Report: Taliban Now Beating People for Wearing Western-Style Clothing in Afghanistan

AP Photo/Jafar Khan

The anti-western conditioning of the populace has begun as reports have emerged from Afghanistan of the Taliban beating people who get caught wearing clothing that looked like it comes from America.


According to the New York Post, reports have emerged of Taliban fighters whipping young Afghan men wearing clothing such as jeans under the excuse that they’re disrespecting Islam:

The young men said the insurgents accused them of disrespecting Islam with their clothing choices.

A reporter with Afghan newspaper Etilaatroz also said he was beaten over the weekend for not wearing “Afghan clothes.”

Similar reports have emerged on social media of young Afghan men being targeted for wearing T-shirts.

A Taliban official said the group was still determining a dress code for men — a week after seizing control of Afghanistan again.

Most predictably, the dress code for women has already taken its predictable turns as they’ve been forced back into burqas. The Post reported that the price of a burqa has now surged along with the demand for them.

What we’re seeing now is nothing short of the re-conditioning of Afghani people into loyal anti-westerners. By eliminating any influence whatsoever, the Taliban can institute trends and laws that not only help keep the populace in line but also potentially create loyal followers and new recruits. Moreover, a strict dress code and enforced behaviors allow the Taliban to blend in with the local populace, making it much more difficult to fight them in the event of a skirmish.


Those who disobey these rules are treated to anything from beatings to executions as the reports have already begun telling us. It doesn’t speak well for the promises the Taliban made about amnesty and women’s rights. Regardless, this hasn’t stopped school administrators from burning the school records belonging to girls in order to protect them from the terrorist organization popular for sex slavery.

It’s likely that the Taliban won’t keep their promises and bring the populace under strict Sharia law as is their ultimate goal, not just for Afghanistan, but the world. In order to enact these kinds of laws, they cannot make room for western ideas like women’s rights. Subjugation, conversion, or death is the name of the Taliban game and we can already see it happening with these reports of beatings already underway.


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