This Is Never Going to Stop Unless You Make It

This Is Never Going to Stop Unless You Make It
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The sky is falling from COVID-19, vaccine passports are on the horizon, voting suppression bills are being pushed to ensure your state can’t decide how it conducts elections safely, there’s a distinct difference between how they can live and how you have to live, lockdowns are just a pen stroke away, mask mandates appear out of nowhere. People are dying from gang violence and somehow it’s your fault, LGBT activists are dominating the culture and attempting to manipulate your children through force, schools are being overtaken by radicals who want nothing more than to teach your children racism, and you would love nothing more than mind your own business, do your job, and live your life, but your business could be shut down from over-regulation from government, or cancelation from the mob at any moment.

To top it all off, contradictory information is flying at you from every angle and if you or anyone else (including government figures) attempt to get down to the bottom of it, you’ll be censored, suspended, or banned. You know that if we had an honest press, honest activists, honest politicians, or honest corporate tech companies, stability would be achieved and we’d have peace in droves.

But we don’t. The world is chaos and the only people with a firm grasp on anything or the people keeping us in a state of unease…and profiting from it.

The inconvenient truth is that we’ve done this to ourselves. The foxes convinced too many that they would be great administrators for the hen house and now they’re eating us indiscriminately while telling us if we don’t keep letting them consume, disaster will befall us all.

This is pure insanity. This level of societal regression is unsustainable. Eventually, this nation will either collapse from within, or things are going to get bloody.

I often write in pieces like these that if things are to return to normal we must vote accordingly. Rest assured, we are in the midst of a civil war, but we haven’t reached the point where the bullets start flying yet and it would be in our best interest as a nation to fix this before it gets there.

Vote accordingly, and I don’t just mean on the national levels either. Local elections are more important than federal ones. It’s hard for D.C. to rule a state where the governor is willing to give it the middle finger and laugh at them whenever they say “jump.” Look into everything. The district’s representative, the mayor of a town, the sheriff of a county, the members of the school board. I don’t care if it’s the damn dog catcher. If there’s one whiff of woke coming from them, they’re not fit to scoop your dog’s mid-day constitutional.

But it goes far beyond that.

There’s nothing written in the books that says you can’t run for those jobs yourself. There’s nothing that says the housewife in the quiet neighborhood can’t be elected to the school board, or that the plumber in the city can’t be on that city’s council. A lot of fighting a battle and winning is showing up to it.

The communists, radicals, and more are doing so, and have been doing so for decades and decades. They’ve swarmed everything that requires a committee or a camera. They are many, but we are more. These are activists, but we are Americans. This is our country, they just live in it. Haven’t they told us repeatedly that they hate it? Don’t they turn away from the flag or kneel during the anthem out of disrespect? Aren’t they the ones saying “America was never that great?”

Run for office, vote for those with American values if you don’t. Protect your community first. Drive out the imposters. Show. Up.

The midterms are right around the corner and the Democrats are sweating. They should, but they’ll have nothing to worry about if we don’t oppose them from the bottom to the top. Electing a Republican president is great, but that’s putting a band-aid on a malignant tumor. Get local and get loud.

If you don’t, this will never end.

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