The Elite Do What They Tell You Not to in Full View Because They Can

AP Photo/Vincent Thian

By now you’ve probably seen some of the photos coming out of Barack Obama’s recent 60th birthday extravaganza where the party had everything except the COVID-19 precations they force on us.

If not, feel free to take a look at some of the pictures below.

Is the same media who’ve been telling you you’re selfish, or stupid, or irresponsible, for not wanting to wear a mask everywhere you go or get the vaccine jumping all over this party for being a super spreader event?

Not even a little bit.

As Nick Arama wrote earlier today, the leftist mainstream press is falling all over themselves to excuse the maskless Obama party, with New York Times White House correspondent Annie Karni calling it a “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” on, of course, CNN.

This should be a moment that lives in infamy because it was a moment where the press effectively admitted that there is one set of rules for them and another set of rules for you. You must wear a mask. You must get vaccinated. You must stay indoors. You must close your shop. You must not visit your dying relatives in the hospital. You must show your papers if you want to eat at a restaurant. You must submit to a vaccine in order to live a normal life. You must comply or you will suffer the consequences.

They can appear at restaurants after telling others they can’t. They can travel wherever they want after telling you to stay put. They can get their hair done and experience luxuries they’ve told you are currently closed down by order of law. They can throw extravagant parties to the sound of applause and back pats from their fellow coastal and elitists while they literally wag their finger in your direction for wanting to go to work.

They do all this because they know they will face no recourse for their actions. They know that they could literally walk into a public square, shoot a puppy, and the mainstream media will either do its best to cover it up or paint the action as a bold step to a better society.

This is by design. It’s hard to run things when you’re weighed down by the same rules and regulations as the peasantry. Best to do what you will. What’s more, allowing the peasantry to see that you’re doing exactly what you told them not to do in full view has its uses as well.

A simple tactic to get people used to things is to do it and invite outrage against you. When you suffer no consequences for your actions, do it again and hope more anger is thrown your way. Keep repeating this process and you’ll notice the people you make angry are being more and more ignored. Their anger and demands for retribution become annoying, and people begin tuning them out. Before long, people just begin to accept that this is the way things are.

If you’re one of the elitists in Washington or the coastal club, then this pays off dividends with power and money. You can literally break a law you created, blame those who caught you as the ones who did wrong and laugh yourself silly back to your office as your enemies foam at the mouth with rage.

This is exactly what Nancy Pelosi did. Where is she now?

Still in power. Still repeating the benefits of her position.

Obama’s birthday party is another entry in the “get used to it” chronicles. Your betters don’t follow the same rules you have to and that’s just the way things are. You have to get used to it.

Here’s the issue that the left, perhaps, doesn’t understand. The French have already done this before. The elite and the royalty were living lavishly as their people barely scraped by. What’s more, they did so in full view of the peasantry. It’s a lifestyle they got away with for a long time, but it’s not sustainable. At some point, enough people are going to suffer great losses that “getting used to it” will be impossible. People will want retribution.

That’s not to say that America will take the same bloody path the French did when they got fed up with their elites living large while they starved. Fortunes change in this country at the drop of a hat sometimes, and there are ways to get back at people without bringing out the guillotines.

At least I hope it won’t come to that.

Regardless, for now, they’ll do what they do and suggest you eat cake if you’re hungry. They continue to flaunt the rules they make and reward each other as they do. Do as they do and not as they say and you’ll find yourself punished, for they are American royalty and you need to fall in, peasant.


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