The End Result of Republican Led Cities vs. Democrat Led Cities

Effects always have causes and as a denizen of the internet, the end results of bad leadership have never been easier to see for me. As I was perusing the news feeds on Twitter, I came across the tweet below about a woman leaning out of her car window with an AK-47 in California.

This is a scene straight out of a Mad Max movie, and while the copy in the tweet started with “WHOA!” my first thought upon seeing it was “are we actually surprised?” I’m not sure exactly what this woman was on her way to do, but it doesn’t really matter. The fact is, she currently lives in a community where she feels this kind of thing is necessary. Judging by the state of San Francisco, it might very well be.

This is a city dominated by drug abuse, radical leftist activists, homelessness, corrupt politicians, and a poop tracker. The city’s dissent into a pre-post-apocalyptic environment was bound to happen. Democrats have shown that their first and foremost concern wasn’t the city, it was their politics. So much so that their leaders did as they were told by extremists and defunded their police.

Interestingly enough, the leftist of leftist cities wants its police force back.

The same can be said in Chicago where its murder rate is beyond horrific, yet if you were to ask its mayor about it, it’s anything but her fault. In fact, it’s primarily racism that’s the biggest problem in Chicago, according to her. That’s why she declared it a public health crisis.

The real problem is gang culture and warfare, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t ready to have that conversation yet, and I doubt she ever will be. Doing so would distract from the narrative being pushed by the Democrat party as of right now, which is that “white supremacy” is the number one threat.

See if you can find the Chicago-based white supremacy in the video below.

The same kind of societal degradation can be found in Democrat-controlled cities like Baltimore, DC, and New York. What’s more, the Democrats seem to be fine with it. So long as they’re not directly affected, they could give a flip to what’s going on in their cities. Defund police all day, but just make sure they’re protected at the end of the day.

That’s literally what Cori Bush made clear with this little tidbit during an interview.

Meanwhile, cities with Republican leaders seem to be doing far better in both an economic sense and crime sense. The top 10 cities with the highest crime stats are all blue cities. That’s no surprise, given the Democrats’ love of caving to extremists who want less of a police presence on the streets and increasingly fewer punishments for illegal immigrants. Not to mention the fact that they’ve demonstrated an absolute willingness to turn a blind eye to destructive groups in our society, so long as they espouse the right politics.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa can burn a city to the ground to the sound of applause from Democrats, but a Capitol raid by a handful of people (conservative or no) must receive all the attention, be it by congressional committees or cable news heads. This complete lack of concern injects bravery into would-be criminals who know that so long as they declare it’s all about a revolution for “equality” in some capacity, they can violently take over an entire city block and plunge the area in chaos.

With all this in mind, we can safely assume Democrats don’t care about you or your well-being. They’ll gladly allow you to be dragged out of your car and shot in the street, and if your death doesn’t strike up the right chord for a useful narrative, you’re just a statistic not worth talking about.

As I’ve said repeatedly; vote accordingly. If they don’t care about you, don’t vote them in.


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