The Most Left-Leaning of the Leftist Cities Wants Its Police Force Back

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If this isn’t the biggest “I told you so” moment for America, then I don’t know what is.

There has been a serious case of buyer’s remorse from citizens of cities that defunded their police force. In every city that has done it, crime has increased by leaps and bounds with, so far, no exceptions. It wasn’t remotely hard to figure out that this was going to happen either. The people who wanted police gone made it clear they would continue burning and destroying if they didn’t get what they wanted, which is the complete destruction of the American system.


But now, even the most leftist city in America is ready to get its police force back as crime consumes it.

According to National Review, a new poll of San Francisco residents shows that the majority of them want their police force refunded and returned to the streets to save them from the massive increase in crime:

The “City Beat Poll” commissioned by the city’s chamber of commerce and conducted in late May also found that 70 percent of respondents believe the quality of life in the city has declined amid a rise in crime and homelessness, according to

Roughly 80 percent of the 250 registered voters who were polled said addressing homelessness is a top priority.

The poll comes amid a 753 percent spike in car break-ins at the police department’s central station compared to May 2020, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Thefts are up 75 percent compared to 2019, as well.

Told ya so.

I’ve got sour news for San Fran residents, though. The amount of money being stripped from the police department isn’t even done yet. It’s going to lose $80 million over the next two years. I wouldn’t count on the Sheriff’s Department to step in and fill the gap. It’s losing $40 million.

Citizens should ask themselves “then what?”

If crime is this nasty at this stage in the police’s defunding then imagine how bad it’s going to be later on down the line when it’s lost even more of its budget. You’ll lose a ton of officers and what officers do remain will be afraid to do their jobs for fear that backup will never come. This will be even more terrifying for them as the criminal element within the city becomes braver and braver, and takes over more and more of the city.


But this is going to happen and keep happening so long as these citizens continue to vote in people like Nancy Pelosi or Mayor London Breed. If that pattern keeps repeating, then San Francisco is doomed and they’ll have no one to thank but themselves.

All it has to do is vote differently, and you can bet that when they do, they’ll see their city begin to turn around. Until then, San Francisco can be considered a fallen city.


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