Texas Democrat Returns to Texas for "Good Faith" Talk on Voting Laws but It's Too Late

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Democrats want to come home to Texas to talk about election laws in “good faith,” but that flew out the window along with their chartered plane to D.C.


As we previously covered, Texas Democrats fled the state as its Republican-dominated legislature was to pass an election security bill that would diametrically oppose the radical HR1 (for the people act) Democrats on the federal level wish to impose on the nation. This circus included a private plane, press appearances, try-hard tweetstorms, and COVID-19 spreading.

They wanted to tell you they were protecting the rights of voters, but HR1 is far from anything of the sort.

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It would appear that at least one Democrat is ready to come home with the claim that he fled the state in solidarity with his fellow leftists, but now he’s ready to come home and talk about Texas’s voting standards in “good faith” according to a statement he released.

“I proudly stood with my Democratic colleagues and left Texas to ensure House Bill 3 would not be approved as introduced. A small working group of Democrats decided to begin active discussions here in Austin on improving HB 3 and asked that I return to establish open communication lines,” Cortez said. “I returned to Texas to try to engage in good faith dialogue about the aspects of the bill that I, and others, think are harmful.”


According to Fox News, this is actually the second Democrat who returned home. Rep. Harold Dutton returned for family reasons. Despite Governor Greg Abbott declaring any Democrat who returned to the state would be arrested, no arrests have happened yet.

I immediately doubt the intent of returning for “good faith” talks about Texas’s voting security laws. They all know it’s a losing battle and that this law is going to be passed no matter what they do, as it should. I suspect that the real reason for returning has a lot to do with the fact that their districts were asked if they appreciated their representative abandoning their post to jaunt off to D.C. and the answer was “no.”

Nothing causes a Democrat to abandon their “principles” faster than bad polling.

But even if this theory weren’t true, the fact is that “good faith” discussion went out the window the moment the Democrats hopped onto their bus with a case of Miller Light.


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There can be no “good faith” discussion when these Democrats have spent the last week hamming it up with cable news reporters about their “noble” quest to protect the people’s right to vote and posting pictures and videos on Twitter meant to generate sympathy about their uphill fight as the underdogs.

There is no discussion to be had. They need to return home and allow the representatives of the people of Texas to vote as they should so that this bill can be passed as the people of Texas want it to be. They need to stop impeding democracy while claiming to defend it and cease this obviously transparent attempt to strip Texas of its right to decide for itself how our elections work.

It’s over. It’s been over.


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