The AWOL Texas Dems Aren't Rebels, They're Bad Actors in a Horribly-Written Play

Texas Democrats sing "We Shall Overcome" at the U.S. Capitol to protest a Republican voting law (Credit: ABC News)

Like you, I knew that the mainstream media would do its absolute best to use the Texas Democrats fleeing from the state before an important vote on voting regulations as stunning and brave. Perhaps it’s my own bias, but it looked a lot like damage control and for the simple reason that the Texas Democrats were doing everything in their power to make the event as cringy as possible.

Case in point, watch as they take this super cereal selfie picture about how they’re fighting the good fight and all in the name of the “For the People Act.”

Or this moment where they suddenly decided it was time to start singing “we will overcome” out of the blue.

Btw, if you can make it all the way through this video below, you have nerves of steel. The second-hand embarrassment I felt just watching this occur was more than I could personally handle.

Democrats, like most politicians, are pretty cringy at the best of times, but Democrats seem to turn it up to 11 when they’re playing it up for the cameras. It’s plain to see that they’re clearly acting. Something about all this seemed pre-discussed. Possibly even rehearsed.

That came as no surprise. Of course, they all agreed to do this beforehand, but then I started to wonder how long beforehand, and who knew about it? They had a private jet ready to take them to DC and then began stomping around the capitol grounds with press interviews that contained musical numbers.

And then, VP Kamala Harris dropped this little nugget of info while in a voting-rights meeting in Detroit that I found very interesting:

“I met with them when many of them traveled to Washington D.C.; we sat down and had an extensive conversation in the Roosevelt Room in the White House.”

“And I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered. I will say that they are leaders who are marching in the path that so many others before did, when they fought and many died for our right to vote.”

Hold the phone for a second. Texas Democrats fled the state amidst a voting regulation bill as federal Democrats are pushing what amounts to a federal takeover of how elections are run throughout the country, and in ways that would effectively keep Democrats in power for the next few hundred years. Not only did they have the private jet and group press event outside the Capitol, but they also had a meeting with our buy VP about it?

Tinfoil hat firmly affixed, I ask how long the White House knew this little “rebellion” from the Texans was going to happen. I also would like to know if the White House had any hand in planning it.

The reason that this all comes off as really bad acting is that it is. This wasn’t a heroic spur-of-the-moment stand for voting rights, it was a way to turn a massive L for the Democrats into a publicity stunt that would give ad time an authoritarian voting regulation bill that would benefit the Democrats and nobody else.

This is all a horrifically scripted ad. That’s it.

These Democrats are literally using taxpayer dollars to get the star treatment so that they can push a bill nobody wants, including the people in their own state, and I’m willing to bet that this was all arranged with the help of the Biden handlers within the Democrat party. It’s all way too perfect yet so very cringy which only means that the Democrats had this scripted out from the beginning and Democrats on the federal level are looking to usurp state’s rights.


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