Democrats are Telling You They Don't Care About Voting Rights, You Just Have to Listen

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It’s all about voting rights at the moment, mainly because Democrats are making every conversation about that. What’s more, these conversations are about as dramatic as you can make them, with even the leader of the free world comparing it to the American Civil War, ya know, that thing that happened where thousands of Americans died.

But as I’ve been writing ad nauseum, Democrats aren’t really fighting for voting rights. What they’re really doing is attempting to enact one of the largest power grabs in the history of America with the “For the People Act,” a nasty piece of legislation designed to take voting standardization out of the hands of the states and put it into the hands of Democrats. They’ll then make voter ID illegal, stop states from purging voter rolls of ineligible people, and a whole lot more.

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But as my colleague Nick Arama recently wrote on, one of the Texas Democrats that fled the state in an attempt to stop the Republicans from passing legislation to make their elections more safe and trustworthy, effectively spilled the beans about what this is actually all about.

James Talarico appeared on Fox News Primetime with Pete Hegseth in order to explain his position, and instead ended up making a complete joke of himself.

One part, in particular, has him actively admitting that he opposes voter ID law because “you don’t need it.” When confronted, he made the excuse that there are hundreds of thousands of Texans who don’t have a driver’s license and later on refused to say who in his district couldn’t get an ID. Instead, he made it about Trump somehow and then proceeded to accuse Hegseth of being a corporate-paid conspiracy theorist.

Throughout the entirety of the interview, Talarico attempted to paint pretty pictures about doing the best for his community and his background being a middle school teacher before dodging questions and pointing fingers at Trump. You could literally throw out 85 percent of his responses because you only need the ones where he answered a question directly.

He opposes voter ID and wants to make voting easy for everyone. Full stop.

Here’s the kicker. It’s not supposed to be easy to vote for everyone. It’s only supposed to be easy to vote for the people who are eligible to vote. Voter ID laws and even social security numbers we’re all issued should suffice as a way to allow us to cast a ballot that makes the decision on who represents us in our government and what values they guide the office with.

The “everyone” in this case seems to be people who also can’t get IDs or don’t have social security numbers. In other words, people who don’t have the right to vote. Republicans aren’t stripping any rights despite the Democrats proclaiming that they are. What Democrats are fighting against is purely election security.

And if you’re fighting against election security, then what it is you have to gain from elections being less secure?

The bottom line is this; if you listen to what Democrats are saying and toss the fluff they spew into the garbage, you’ll actually hear what it is they’re after. What they want is for everyone to vote.


They don’t need to provide identification, they don’t want states to be able to toss out ineligible names, they don’t even want you to be able to campaign against the rules they wish to set. They want anybody to be able to walk in, say they can totally vote with no questions asked, and pull the lever for Democrats.

Let’s just think of a scenario here.

It’s election time and you live in a blood-red Republican county. You know the area quite well and grew up there, in fact. There hasn’t been a Democrat elected there for ages, and it’s so firmly Republican that Democrats hardly even bother to run there. Sadly, Democrats managed to pass the “For the People Act” and as you walk up to your voting location, you arrive just as a few busses pull up. Strangers you’ve never seen before begin disembarking, many of them openly sporting Democrat paraphernalia.

You also notice they aren’t the first bus to arrive. There’s a long line going out the door and that was hardly ever the case before. When you ask where these people are from, they don’t really tell you except for vague answers of “here” or “down the street.” Upon getting inside the building you’re noticing that no one is presenting ID, no one is really checking to see if they’re actually eligible. It’s effectively just waiting to be handed your ballot.

Fast forward to the results and your once Republican town is now firmly Democrat. The people whom you saw at the voting location are never seen again. They left in their busses after voting and went back to “down the street.”

This isn’t a scenario I just made up. It’s actually happened.

This is what the Democrats want to do. It’s all about power.