People Like Bernie Sanders Are Holding Humanity Back From the Stars

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Like you, I’m a bit over the socialist movement that’s become so popular in our country and not because of the fact that socialism — and the communistic form that it evolves into — is wholly incompatible with human nature as I’ve explained before, but also because the people pushing socialism are so inconsistent about it.


Ben Shapiro responded to a tweet put out by Bernie Sanders that I think really nails this. On Monday, Sanders was displeased that billionaire Richard Branson developed a space plane that he proceeded to use to fly in space. It was a move that brought us one step closer to civilian space travel, but instead of this being marked as a celebratory moment of humanity inching closer to the stars, Sanders saw it as another perversion of capitalism, and that if Branson has money to fly in space, he has the money to give to the government so it can then give it to people.

Shapiro called him out on his socialistic viewpoint, noting that Sanders is completely avoiding the uprising happening in Cuba at this moment, and maybe to not slam capitalism from the safety of one of his expensive homes.

But something bothered me even more about the “democratic socialist’s” tweet.

We’re approaching a time in the life of our species where we need to leave the cradle and venture out into the wider universe. We’re not even considered a full-fledged Type 1 civilization on the Kredeshev scale yet, and I think it’s past time we become one. What resources, secrets, and knowledge we can gain from becoming an early-stage space-faring species? We’ll find out soon, and science fiction will become more science and less fiction.


But that’s going to be much more difficult with socialists like Sanders convincing the spoiled first-world populace that it needs to rid itself of the very system by which we’re giving birth to our destiny in the stars. We’re trying to take wing, and Sanders and his ilk are trying to pull us down into the dirt.

As he does this, he takes full advantage of his position and its opportunities for wealth gathering, putting himself into positions of luxury and comfort while denigrating the rich.

It’s not just him either. As I’ve written previously, this is pretty much a stock socialist trait be it from Black Lives Matters leaders to socialist superstars like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Lambast the rich as you get rich is the name of the game.

I don’t need to go into too much detail about how backward socialism is, and how societies heavily infected by it are so miserable that people stand in line for hours in order to get something as simple as bread. Meanwhile, in capitalist systems, bread makers go to goofy lengths in order for you to choose their bread over the myriad of other brands on the bread shelf. You’ve seen story after story.

That said, I do think it’s worth saying that socialists aren’t good for us as a species. They sport a belief system that, while sometimes well-intentioned, is so evil and unsustainable that it’s a testament to our corrupted media and education system that the idea has grown to the proportions that it has. We’ve been dealing with it for generations now and yet it still persists as a viable option for government in the eyes of many who grew up nestled in the comfort and safety of capitalism.


It makes you wonder what would the world be like if socialism died soon after it was born, or at the very least, faded away once it was clear from the first failed state that it was unsustainable.

Where would we be as a society if socialism wasn’t there to gum up the works, trip up progress, and corrupt every system it touched?

We often joke about how we don’t have flying cars yet despite it being after the year 2020 and while we laugh about it, I sometimes wonder if the question isn’t actually somewhat serious. I can’t help but get the impression that we’re behind schedule. We shouldn’t just have flying cars at this point, we should have the ability to harness the full energy efficiency of everything from nuclear power to solar power. We can’t, and while the church of climate change likes to pretend it’s doing more than anyone to develop solar tech, I truly believe the answer lies beyond our moon.

Meanwhile, on Earth, these same climate zealots won’t even let us use the greenest energy available to us on the planet.

In order to take our place among the stars where our destiny clearly lies, we have to shake off the politicians and activists holding us down with calls to halt progress so can give money to the poor. We have to get rid of the idea that “the science is settled” (a very unscientific thing to say) and realize that we help the poorest among us when we elevate our understanding of technology. Even many of those considered “poor” in America live like kings compared to the poor in other countries.


We need to shake off charlatans like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez and continue pushing ourselves into the future. One thing is for sure, our future is out there, not stuck here, and for things to get better here we need to find answers out there.


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