Grill Master Terry McAuliffe Embarrasses Himself Again, This Time On Gun Purchase Laws

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One of the left’s go-to phrases when talking about voting is comparing it to the acquisition of firearms in the United States. It usually looks exactly like something grill master and gubernatorial candidate for Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, tweeted out on Tuesday morning.


“Call me crazy, but I think it should be easier to vote than it should be to buy a gun,” he tweeted.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to purchase a gun in the United States. While certain factors exist in various states that control things like wait times, approval processes that could take months, and even character references, the standard process involves going to a federally licensed gun dealer, selecting a gun to purchase, and then presenting your valid ID so that the owner can run a federal background check on you to determine whether or not it’s legal for you to make said purchase.

In Virginia, where McAuliffe wants to be governor, these background checks are required for all gun sales, including private sales on the used market.

All in all, it’s a simple yet effective process. You hand proof of your identification to someone who confirms it’s you and that you have no restrictions as per a federal database, and your purchase is complete.

But what McAuliffe wants is even more simple than that when it comes to deciding who the elected leaders are of both your local and federal elections. What is it exactly that he wants? Well, we can see what he’s done in the past during his time as Virginia’s governor already.


Back in 2017, McAuliffe busies himself vetoing six different pieces of election safety legislation as documented by Heritage Action, including extending voter-ID requirements for absentee ballots. We can safely assume that McAuliffe isn’t a huge fan of election safety.

All in all, it already is far easier to vote in the state of Virginia than it is to buy a gun. In fact, if buying a gun was as easy as voting in the state of Virginia, then you’d be able to buy a gun online and simply have it shipped to your home without having to provide proof of ID or run any background check on the location in order to obtain a firearm.

McAuliffe is making the false claim that voting is harder than getting a gun in order to kill two birds with one stone. He’s attempting to loosen voting requirements to further introduce potential fraud that will lean towards Democrats as it always does. Secondly, it’ll foster the idea that Virginia’s gun control laws are too loose and must further be tightened, which Democrats salivate over incessantly.


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