The Left Still Obsesses Over Trump Because They're Not Confident in Their Chances Against Him If He Returns

AP Photo/John Raoux

January 6! January 6!

Give any conversation with a politician or leftist talking head a bit, and they’ll get around to talking about it. To them, it’s the smoking gun that proves everything they’ve ever needed to prove about the Right. According to them, it was all pro-Trump white supremacists bent on deposing our current government and instituting another. I guess in that scenario, Trump isn’t president but king.

To be sure, the Left gets a lot of use out of the January 6 narrative it established. It’s a narrative that the GOP is now beginning to push back on in earnest, and it’s about time too. The things the Left was claiming were getting out of control, and the legislation Democrats hinted at pushing over it was ominously nebulous. What’s more, the questions hanging in the air around it are becoming more glaring with each passing day.

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At the center of the hysteria, however, is the hysteria over former President Donald Trump. I need not remind you, dear reader, that the press would pull out all the stops in order to paint Trump as Hitler incarnate. Any journalistic sin, from making big deals out of little deals to flat-out lying, was on the table. The press wasn’t there to report the news; they were there to push an agenda. That agenda was to make Trump the enemy of the people. They didn’t care who they had to hurt to do it.

And believe me, there’s a trail of burnt wreckage and devastated families that prove that claim correct.

Trump was voted out of office with quite a few people not entirely sure that the process was legitimate. Many unanswered questions still hang in the air, and it was some of these questions that helped fuel the events of January 6. The Left claims it was the real racist Right finally revealing itself and at Trump’s behest. It’s an entirely dishonest narrative.

One thing is for certain, however. Democrats, and indeed the entire leftist political machine, still have their eyes fixed on Trump. The January 6 narrative revolves around him, and even now, the Democrats are attempting to keep the narrative going in order to go after Trump? Take this tweet from Maxine Waters, for instance.

“Take a look at all of the people listed on the National Park Service permit for the January 6 rally that led to the attack on the Capitol. It should be concerning that FEC reports show the Trump Campaign, at some point, paid over $2.7 MILLION to people who helped organize Jan. 6!” tweeted Waters.

The long and short of it is that Trump’s campaign funded the January 6 riot. This isn’t true, as we saw the rally itself, and the vast majority of attendees did not raid the Capitol at all. They held their very peaceful rally and went home. You know it. I know. Waters knows it.

But Waters, like other Democrats, are going after Trump and his campaign despite the fact that he’s out of office. They defeated him! Right? They shouldn’t be concerned about Trump anymore.

But they are. In fact, I’m willing to guess that they’re downright afraid of him. They’re afraid of him coming back. They’re afraid of facing him with no COVID rules to fall back on. They want him wholly disqualified from running again. They want him behind bars where they won’t have to feel his shadow looming over them, constantly threatening their hold on power. They want his influence out of the GOP, the same influence that sent them on a path that made them far more formidable and willing to fight.

The obsessions with Trump are more than just advanced cases of TDS. They reveal, in my opinion, a very real fear that a countdown is underway, and when that timer reaches “zero,” their greatest enemy will return. They’re not confident in their own ability to defeat him without the assistance of leftist movements and excuses to bend voting rules.

And if what I think they’re thinking is true, then I think they’re correct.

The Democrats have accomplished very little since they’ve taken power, with the exception of making things worse. The border is a disaster, and the woman tasked with fixing it has done nothing. It’s now gotten so bad that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking it upon himself to actually finish the border wall and increase security in his state.

Every major piece of legislation that would make Democrats the de facto rulers of America for the next 200 years is being shot down…by people within their own party. The narrative around COVID-19 is collapsing as Dr. Fauci continues to lose bout after bout to Republicans like Rand Paul, making Democrats look even more foolish. This isn’t to mention that every single day is a new day for Biden to look like a “Weekend at Bernie’s” style president with handlers actually running the show as the current Democratic leader is hardly capable of holding it together in order to complete a sentence.

Even the press is obviously trying to prop up the administration’s failures to seem like positives that foreign media is disgusted by it.

The Democrats know they’re failing, and they know that if Trump came back, it’d be an uphill battle against him. Their confidence in themselves is at an all-time low. It scares them. He scares them.

They should be scared.


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