Dana Loesch Drops a Reality Bomb on Jen Psaki After She Blamed the National Rise in Crime on Gun Owners


When Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if we have a crime problem in America as evidenced by a rise in shootings, Psaki took the predictable Democrat route of pointing at the lack of laws for law-abiding gun owners. Radio show host Dana Loesch, however, wasn’t having it, and took to Twitter to make sure Psaki’s narrative crashed and burned.


During Monday’s press conference, Psaki was asked about the mass shootings that have occurred over the past year with 4,000 people shot and killed by a gun. The journalist asked if there was a “crime problem” in the U.S., setting up an almost too perfect alley-oop for Psaki to talk about Biden’s continued action on gun control.

“Well, I would say certainly there is a gun problem,” said Psaki.

“There are communities where local violence and community violence is an issue,” she continued. “And that’s one of the reasons we proposed and are now implementing funding for community violence prevention programs across the country.”

Psaki continued to discuss the “hundreds, thousands of people who lose their lives” via gun violence, and that Biden is working with the Senate to push universal background checks and working with states with the “greatest level of activism.”

Psaki didn’t elaborate on what “greatest level of activism” meant.

Loesch, known for her knowledge on firearms, gun-related issues, and 2nd Amendment advocacy, watched Psaki’s response to the questions she was asked and made a response of her own that peeled back the mask the Biden administration was putting on the rise in crime and exposed what the issue really is.


“We have record gun sales and new gun owners but not the crime to match,” Loesch tweeted. “What we have is a judicial problem, lowered deterrents for repeat offenders via her party’s policies, reduced police morale, and criminals emboldened by “defund cops” talk from her party.”

Loesch is absolutely correct. The number of firearms that have been purchased over the course of the last decade alone is staggering. According to Fox Business, it’s only May and we’re already heading toward another record-breaking year with 16 million background checks having been conducted over the last four months. This is an increase of 31 percent compared to the numbers in 2020.

Keep in mind that a background check doesn’t constitute the purchase of just one gun, either.

What’s more, the presence of a gun doesn’t result in the elevation of violence either. An armed community is oftentimes a safer one as various studies have found time and again. For instance, 98 percent of mass shootings that occurred since the 1950s happened in gun-free zones? Did you know that over a million people in Texas are licensed to carry a firearm and that 0.4 per 100,000 have committed a homicide? Compare that to the .99 per 100,000 homicide rate in jolly ol’ Britain where guns are banned.


American civilians are armed enough to be considered a formidable army of their own (a militia if you will) with new gun owners being added to the ranks every day and yet the rise in gun violence isn’t accelerating alongside it.

What we do have, however, are a myriad of other issues that, as Loesch pointed out, are tied directly to decisions being made by the Biden administration.

Our porous border is inviting crime of all kinds thanks to criminals coming into the U.S. and wreaking havoc. Sheriffs from all over the nation united to beg Biden to finish the border wall as crimes spike in their communities, much of them caused by illegals from south of the border.

Biden’s pandering to those shouting “defund the police” and his party’s subsequent obedience to these radicals is also a massive contributor to the rise in crime. As Fox News pointed out, major cities that leaned into the narrative that funds should be allocated away from their respective police departments are experiencing crime surges.

The police officers that do remain no longer feel safe doing their jobs and become less likely to do the necessary proactive policing that stops so many crimes before they happen. A study by Harvard Professor Roland Fryer found that proactive policing is necessary for the safety of any community, but that when the public turns on the police, crime goes up.

“Our estimates suggest that investigating police departments after viral incidents of police violence is responsible for approximately 450 excess homicides per year. This is 2x the loss of life in the line of duty for the US Military in a year, 12.6x the annual loss of life due to school shootings, and 3x the loss of life due to lynchings between 1882 and 1901 – the most gruesome years,” Fryer wrote.


So Loesch is absolutely correct.

What Psaki and the Biden administration are attempting to do is use an old boogie man to distract from their own failures; failures that are resulting in people losing their lives to violent crime. This isn’t just Psaki blaming an object either. This is the Democrats blaming you, the law-abiding gun owner, for their failures.



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