Liz Wheeler's Going On the Offensive With Her New Must-Listen Podcast

Former OANN’s “Tipping Point” host and YouTuber Liz Wheeler has always been a conservative voice that put forward solid arguments in a very succinct and well-researched manner. Now, Wheeler has announced she’s launching her own podcast on May 25 called “The Liz Wheeler Show.”

The highly anticipated podcast will feature Wheeler’s signature commentary with well-researched arguments and matter-of-fact, straight-to-the-point arguments that she’s been known for.

The podcast comes on the heels of Wheeler noticing just last April that YouTube had been censoring her videos from being seen by the general public. This is no surprise as YouTube’s hard-left stances have attacked many conservatives like Steven Crowder for various reasons, many of them not wholly outlined by their terms of service.

Wheeler is a perfect target for big tech leftists as she tends to gravitate toward the issues the left tends to get the most sensitive about. Be it abortion, transgender issues, or even specific people, Wheeler’s crosshairs always wind up on the left’s most protected targets. However, she doesn’t do this for shock value, and always approaches her arguments with heavy research and grounds her points in reality.

RedState spoke to Wheeler about what we can expect from her podcast.

“Listeners & viewers can expect a more personal side of me on The Liz Wheeler Show combined with my trademark research and an apologetic commitment to reality,” she told RedState. “Ever since the election, the left is making a concerted effort to put us back on defense.”

Wheeler plans on using her podcast to avoid being put on the backfoot and wants it to be an offensive tool against the left.

“To win this culture war, we have to play offense,” she said. “It’s time to fight back against the radical leftist assault on reality & DO something. We can’t let the left lull us into being squishes. Our culture is in critical condition.”

Wheeler is only too happy to be able to say as she pleases without the restraints big tech puts on conservatives.

“My new show will be a personal connection to my audience, uninhibited by Big Tech & unencumbered by corporate overlords, and we will be playing offense,” she said. “If we don’t fight against the radical leftist assault on reality… we’ll lose. That’s not the America I want for my baby daughter. The Liz Wheeler show will be personal. Researched. Unapologetic.”

The Liz Wheeler Show first episode will be available on Apple Podcasts on May 25.