The NCAA Was All Threats and Bluster Against Non-Trans Athlete States, But It Just Crumpled Like a Cheap Suit

The NCAA was threatening states that if they didn’t allow men to compete in women’s sports then they would pull tournaments from those states. The entire issue even caused a once-loved Republican governor, Kristi Noem, to lose her support within the party after she bent the knee and refused to sign a bill banning biological men from declaring themselves women and signing up to compete against them out of fear of losing the revenue.


As it turns out, the NCAA was totally bluffing and picked three states for their tournaments to happen in. According to Breitbart, the NCAA has announced that Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee will be host to the Women’s College World Series softball regionals:

But now, only a month later, the NCAA announces that despite its saber-rattling in April, it will allow events in states that have already passed laws limiting transgender athletes to birth gender categories, Yahoo! Sports reported.

Over the weekend, the NCAA named Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee host schools for softball regionals. It has also been confirmed that Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will host the Women’s College World Series once again. Though, all these states now have laws that put limits on transgender athletes, banning players born as males from playing in girls’ sports regardless of their claimed transition status.

The Women’s World Series generates $20 million for Oklahoma City, but the NCAA warned that it would take the games from the area over the state’s new law. That punishment, though, appears to have been scrapped.

CNS News reported that the Concerned Women of America consider this a victory, hoping that the NCAA has learned that it’s not going to win this battle:


“Perhaps the NCAA is finally getting the message that discrimination against female athletes is NOT fairness. Maybe the NCAA has finally read the scientific research that proves male athletes cannot become female athletes. It could be the NCAA is finally recognizing that their policy allowing transgender males to compete in women’s sports is an affront to women’s equality and rights.

“States are passing laws because Joe Biden is repealing Title IX and erasing women’s sports. It’s about time that the NCAA back off its woke agenda and stand up for female athletes. There is much more the NCAA needs to do to regain its sorry track record in women’s sports. Let’s see if they are really serious about getting out of the starting blocks.”

To be sure, the introduction of men into women’s sports is an insult to women who still have a biological disadvantage when it comes to strength, speed, and endurance with men’s bodies having denser bone and muscle structure, as well as greater lung capacity. Attempting to inject the political idea that men and women are interchangeable is an affront to women and far from fair.

One lesson needs to be learned from this, though. It’s that if you stand firm in the face of threats from the left, chances are that you’re going to win in the end. As you can see, the NCAA’s bluff was proven to be just that, and any state still worried about being punished by the organization for making it clear that a woman is a woman and a man is a man, especially in sports, should now move to do the same as Tennessee or Alabama.


But they shouldn’t do it out of reassurance that nothing will happen to them, they should do it because it’s the right thing to do.


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