Twitter Leftist Calls for Elon Musk's Death for Flashing 'OK' Sign but Overlooks a Big Issue

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Somehow, the “ok” symbol that has been used for decades by the western world became a symbol of “white power” overnight based on loose claims by hard-leftists trying to find new and exciting things to get angry about. Now, if anyone does it, no matter how innocent the intent, they must be declared the next Hitler and thrown onto the nearest stake to be burned at it.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the “ok symbol” during a skit on Saturday Night Live. Is Musk a white supremacist? Not even a little bit, but that doesn’t matter to the woke-scolds, who saw Musk’s hands do the dreaded deed and with righteous anger called for the actual death of Musk.

Freelance writer Daisy Barringer, a blue checked Twitter, lost her mind over Musk’s hand gesture and decided that not only was he flashing a white power signal but that he should die in a Tesla that caught on fire for doing so.

“I almost don’t have words but I will I hope his Tesla catches on fire and he dies,” wrote Barringer, whose tweets are now protected.

First off, Barringer, who primarily writes on San Francisco culture and events, needs to get out of San Francisco and experience the world outside of that bubble. The “ok” hand signal isn’t about white supremacy. It’s used by the entirety of the western world for a variety of reasons, sometimes to signal approval of something, other times it’s just the shape your hands subconsciously make when you’re making a point.


Besides, if Musk is a white supremacist for making the hand gesture, then guess who else is…

How about her majesty the queen?

No, not that one. The one the left thinks is their queen.

Maybe they don’t remember it, but New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flashed that “white power symbol” during a Zoom call with The Hill. She even flashed it again at the end of the Zoom call.

It doesn’t stop there either. If Musk is a white supremacist for flashing the sign, then so is the leader of the Democrat Party, who also randomly does it.

I’ve said time and again that the left’s unofficial motto is “it’s okay when we do it,” and they’re demonstrating that here. The “ok” sign isn’t racist and they know it. It’s only racist when they need it to be, and since the woke hate Musk for being rich, red-pilled, and having a sense of humor, his “ok” hand gesture has to be racist.


It’s not, he’s not, and this idea needs to die, especially if the woke puritans who think they’re the cleanest creatures on Earth are going to wish painful deaths on those who cross their imaginary and ever-moving lines.


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