Fauci Shows His True Partisan Colors, Attacks Rand Paul and Jim Jordan with Ridiculous Label

Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the virologist that the U.S. government considers the man to be listened to about all matters under the sun, pointed the wrong finger at the wrong people while discussing “extreme people” who disagree with him.


Fauci enjoys something of a cozy relationship with the left, especially the press, who makes him out to be infallible to the general public. When that narrative is challenged or even broken, it sends the press, social media, and politicians into a frenzy.

This has namely happened twice. Once with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul who cornered Fauci about the safety theater that is mask-wearing, and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan who effectively pointed out that Fauci doesn’t have an intention to tell us the pandemic is over any time soon after the doctor failed to answer a simple question about when government restrictions can end.

To be sure, Fauci doesn’t like being questioned like that as much as his leftist compatriots don’t, but in a recent interview on MSNBC he claimed these incidents don’t bother him…despite the fact that he referred to both Paul and Jordan as “extreme people.”

Appearing on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle, the doctor was asked how he feels and finds the strength to soldier on despite being challenged. Rhule spent a good deal of time waxing tragic about the way Fauci has been treated despite, as she says, dedicating his entire life to science and attempting to help people. This was done more for the audience’s benefit than Fauci’s and the doctor played right along.


“You know, I don’t take those things personally,” Fauci replied. “There is an aspect of that, for certain people, that are correct. Because if you look at the people that are politicizing me, they’re somebody, they’re all the way over on one level.”

“But there are a lot of other people who look upon me the way they should — as a non-political person that I am, as a public health person — and listen to what I have to say. So if you have the extreme people that are very, very far off to one level, feel that I have become — they have politicized me.”

“I mean, of course, if you look at some of the congressional hearings that have gone on, it’s been a show,” Fauci continued. “You know, people get up there like Congressman Jim Jordan and Senator Rand Paul, of course, they politicize me. But, you know, it is what it is. You’ve just got to go ahead and do what you have to do.”

A show? Not really. While there are definitely clip-worthy moments, what Paul and Jordan were doing was pointing out inconsistencies and asking simple questions that Fauci didn’t like answering or couldn’t answer at all.

If this man is being relied upon by our government to inform them about how to handle a pandemic then he needs to be able to answer questions like “when can we consider this pandemic to be over” and “if people are vaccinated and it stops other COVID strains, then why do we still need all the masks, much less doubling them up?”


The fact is as COVID-19 has become a political topic because it has a plethora of political actions attached to it that range from draconian lockdowns that shatter economies to altering the way we vote for the President. This is political, but frankly, Paul and Jordan’s questions weren’t all that political. They were simple questions that only seem political because there are people and politicians that would rather these lockdown measures remain forever.

And if Fauci is calling the people who ask these questions “extreme,” then we can definitely count him as one of those people.




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