Social Justice's Effect on the Brain: Grown Woman Devolves Into Tears After Being Told to Move out by Mother

For a very long time, I’ve gotten the impression that there’s something about social justice adherence that changes the brain for the worse, and I’m not saying that with tongue firmly planted in my cheek.


I’ve been covering the topic for years and have gotten one example after another of the insanity that social justice devotees have made a regular part of their everyday life — so much so, that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten about more examples than most people have ever learned of. This ranges from intersectional feminists believing that women should face zero prison time for any crime to the example I’m about to show you now.

What I’m about to show you comes from the social justice/identitarian part of TikTok. It’s a cesspool of cringy people firing off cringy opinions, all while sporting cringy attitudes, and this one is no different. Here we have a twenty-something woman living at her parent’s home rent-free. Her world is now collapsing around her because she’s been told that it’s time to leave the nest. As you’ll see, she claims to be schizophrenic, transgender, and God knows what else, and all of this is why she claims she’s not obligated to pay her mother any rent money.

Her hair is bluish-green, she’s got piercings for days, and despite having money to spend on all this, she doesn’t have money to give her mother for living expenses. She’s a leech through and through, a modern-day parasite who, when confronted with the prospect of being ripped off the host, begins to devolve into tears and tantrums.


The mother, heard off-camera, makes it clear that this isn’t the first time they’ve had this conversation and tells the daughter she’s had over a month to find a job and a place to live. She tells the daughter she’s had ample time to figure it all out but has done nothing but dug her heels in and resisted the idea. Through her bawling, the daughter claims she’s only been trying to “educate” her mother about the way the world is now, which the mother rightly calls “brainwashing.” The video continues with the woman claiming the mother insulted and emotionally hurt her with misgendering and dead-naming.

Since the account has now gone private, I’ve had to lift it off another YouTube video that covered it.

What’s really disturbing is that this isn’t rare among the social-justice-obsessed and has all the hallmarks of someone who took part in the ideology too much. The colored hair and piercings, the claims of having an entire book’s worth of mental illnesses, the transgenderism, and a sense of absolute entitlement.  I’m also going to safely assume she’s also a Marxist on some level.

Back in 2015, when the social justice left was first hitting its stride with intersectionality beginning to put transgenderism on the forefront with Bruce Jenner’s “stunning and brave” transition, I called for the scientific community to begin researching what effects social justice has on the brain as all the people who adhered to it seemed to suffer similar effects to the girl in this video. There’s clearly something dangerous about it. It was destructive to the person who adhered to it and even affected those in proximity to the person living with it.


Years later, there’s still no deep dive into social justice’s effect on the brain, and we probably won’t get one, especially at a time when it’s so in-vogue to the mainstream culture. Not when it’s so useful to politicians and activist groups who want people to vote in certain ways.

One thing I don’t need scientists to tell me is that social justice adherence looks a lot like drug abuse. The self-destructive, bizarre behavior and the fact that it damages families, relationships, and more, give social justice obsession a lot of similarities with hard-drug addiction. It lacks the mindless high and subsequent lethargy/hyperactivity but the erratic moods and over-emotional responses are there. It even comes with a complete misinterpretation of reality and delusions galore.

When you look at it like a hard drug that destroys lives in the same way meth and crack do, the problem of social justice comes even more into focus. It’s a far easier drug to obtain and it’s being pushed by everyone from professors to media journalists. You don’t have to inject it or smoke it, you just have to be convinced to believe in it. It’s a memetic hazard that can begin affecting you the moment you learn about it from an already infected source. Unless you’re inoculated against it by common sense, actual education, and logic, you could find yourself suffering from its effects in various ways.


What’s more, it’s reinforced time and again from mainstream sources in our society that the addiction is healthy, morally upright, and that it should be enforced upon others. When viewed from this angle, we can see that social justice is currently the most abused and addictive drug in the world.

Social justice…not even once.


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