Coronavirus Has Been Replaced as America's Top Concern With a Much Larger Problem

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Biden is coming up on his first 100 days in office and while he has a strong approval rating, his chief issue is becoming less and less of a concern for Americans.

According to the Pew Research Center, the concern for the Coronavirus has plunged in double digits from 58 percent to 47 percent. Meanwhile, illegal immigration rose to 48 percent, which is the issue Democrats would rather you not think much about at the moment.

Other things Americans are more concerned about are gun violence at 48 percent, violent crime also at 48 percent, as well as the federal budget deficit at 49. Sitting at the top is the affordability of health care at 56 percent.

It’s highly unlikely that concern over the border is going to stop there. In fact, violent crime and the border crisis are more related than people might believe and when that information begins to come out, you’ll definitely see numbers about the border go up.

More footage from the border continues to leak into the public, including the U.S. government putting children in makeshift camps where they sleep in the dirt under a bridge, children being dropped from the top of walls, and more.

Biden put VP Kamala Harris in charge of the border and has since done next to nothing. She has announced plans to travel to Guatemala and Mexico to find the root cause of the surge, but as even the immigrants will tell you, what triggered it was Biden’s rhetoric on border policy and his decisions to remove certain protections that triggered it.

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy noted on Twitter that it has been three weeks since Harris was appointed to oversee the border but that nothing has changed, she has not traveled to the border and hasn’t held so much as a press conference.

She has had a good laugh about it, though.

Still, it’s no laughing matter. The only real way to solve the problem is to implement the measures that President Donald Trump did, but it’s unlikely that will happen with the current administration who ran on the fact that they aren’t Trump. The crisis will only continue to get worse as time goes on, with Americans suffering the worst from it.