Reliable Sources? Brian "Free Press" Stelter Turns a Blind Eye to the BLM Attack on CNN

If CNN’s Brian Stelter and his show “Reliable Sources” is reliable for one thing it’s being pretty picky about who is and isn’t making an attack on the free press. Stelter liked to don his tragedian mask during the Trump era, always proclaiming how horrible it was for the press during that time, and giddily made President Joe Biden is BFF because he was no longer looked at as “the enemy” of the White House.


Funny enough, CNN was recently caught by Project Veritas admitting it had made itself the enemy of the Trump White House using underhanded means via a technical director who couldn’t help but brag about it to his date.

(Watch: James O’Keefe Confronts CNN Director Who Openly Bragged of Using “Fear” and “Propaganda” Directly)

But when it comes to attacks on the free press by certain entities, Stelter seems oddly quiet. Namely, if Black Lives Matter literally brings violence and intimidation upon his colleagues, he doesn’t speak one word about the “free press.”

As Nick Arama covered last night, BLM rioters attacked a CNN crew in Brooklyn Center, one of whom was hit in the head with a full water bottle, temporarily knocking him off balance. The crew was soon chased out of the area where their car was pelted with trash and eggs by the rioters.

You might have missed Stelter’s silence seeing as how you’re not one of the handfuls of people being subjected to the network’s nonsense while waiting for your flight at an airport, but the Media Research Center didn’t. As Fox News reported, MRC’s Dan Gainer told Fox what CNN was more concerned about that day:


“CNN’s journalism newsletter buries news that makes its side look bad. Even when its side attacks CNN employees,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News.

While CNN’s media newsletter ignored its own crew being attacked, it found space for items on White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner being canceled, media industry employees wanting post-pandemic flexibility, former “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood revealing he is gay, and “Superstore” actor Lauren Ash signing a deal with NBC.

“It ignored how a CNN staffer was attacked by leftist rioters and then chased from the scene under threat of more violence. Last time I checked that’s news about journalism,” Gainor said. “Imagine CNN’s complete freak out if pro-Trump rioters had violently attacked their staffers. This is how they spin the news.”

So Mr. Free Press himself couldn’t be bothered to report on the literal attack on the free press even when it came to that free press being from CNN itself. CNN wasn’t about to make Black Lives Matter look bad, so it kept mum about it and acted as if one of their own didn’t nearly get knocked out by a water bottle to the head.


I think it’s pretty clear that CNN isn’t really a news network. It’s a propaganda center. Its literal purpose, according to its own technical director, is to make sure the political ideals it backs reign supreme.

I hope CNN employees take note of this. Your actual safety takes a back seat to the narrative and if, for any reason, you somehow interfere with that message, CNN will turn its back on you.

At the very least, Brian Stelter will. Reliable!


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