Watch: James O'Keefe Confronts CNN Director Who Openly Bragged of Using "Fear" and "Propaganda" Directly

Image is screenshot taken from video embedded in article

Project Veritas has been covering the saga of one of CNN’s technical directors who apparently couldn’t help himself when on a date and bragged about his network being the entity that openly used fear and propaganda to bring President Donald Trump down (as covered by Bonchie). The executive also openly admitted that the network is purposely posting dubious story after dubious story about Rep. Matt Gaetz in an effort to get him out of office (as our Managing Editor, Jennifer Van Laar, covered).


Here’s just a sampling of how much information they got out of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester with some undercover footage.

Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe didn’t stop there.

As he’s known to do, O’Keefe attempted to confront Chester directly and it went about as well as you’d expect. As usual, this was all captured on video as well.

The video begins with O’Keefe walking into the diner where Chester and the Project Veritas informant were supposed to be having breakfast. The informant had already left the table, and O’Keefe took her spot, told Chester who he was, then dived into quoting some of Chester’s own words back to him.

Chester was surprised, to say the least, and told O’Keefe that he wasn’t interested in talking to him. Regardless, O’Keefe pressed on.

Chester attempted to interrupt as O’Keefe proceeded by suddenly making the excuse that he was within six feet of him without a mask on. Chester reached for his own mask at that time, but O’Keefe assured him that he could stand six feet away and still ask the questions if he’d like. Chester assured O’Keefe that he wouldn’t get anything out of him despite the fact that he already had through the undercover videos.

Nevertheless, O’Keefe still persisted.

Eventually, Chester got up from the table and made his way to the car, but O’Keefe followed him out, continuing to ask him questions. When O’Keefe directed the microphone toward Chester for an answer while he was in his car, Chester slammed the door on the microphone. Before long, Chester drove away.


“They never have the courage to say publicly what they say privately,” O’Keefe said as Chester made his escape.

“That’s courage right there. That’s courage,” he repeated.

As Chester drove away, O’Keefe reminded him that he could drive away but he couldn’t drive away from the truth.

Hilariously, the server who was dealing with Chester noted he was standoffish and rude, and gave O’Keefe her information so she could work for him.


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