The Backfire Has Already Begun for Joe Biden's Gun Control Push (VIDEO)

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

When Democrats are elected, they’ll inevitably turn their attention to gun control and the limiting of your 2nd Amendment rights. This is usually followed up with sensationalistic scare tactics designed to make Americans believe that there really is a huge gun problem and the only way to solve it is to let the government make more laws that law-breakers will ignore.

It doesn’t make any sense unless you realize it’s not about keeping America safe. If it were, they wouldn’t be disarming law-abiding Americans who have never done anything wrong as they cheer on the rioters and criminals who were the very reason people bought guns in the first place.

Regardless, the Biden administration did exactly what Democrats do and laid down some of the most ridiculous and well-repeated lies about guns and gun laws in America.

Hilariously, when Democrats do this, another thing inevitably happens. In my latest video, I go over some of Biden’s lies, debunk them, and show you that his gun control push is already having the opposite effect.

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