Shocking New Video Shows Just How Bad Things Are Getting at the Border

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The surge of illegal immigration at the border isn’t ending anytime soon. Joe Biden and his administration have tried to toe a line that can’t be toed, and the result has been a humanitarian disaster that was absolutely preventable. All that had to be done was to keep Donald Trump’s policies in place.


But that would have required giving the bad orange man some credit so we instead get shocking videos like this on a near-daily basis now.

Yes, that’s smugglers dropping small children over a 14-foot wall, leaving them to fend for themselves in the hopes that Border Patrol will pick them up before they end up dead or injured, either by accident or other means. One of the children hits the ground hard, lying facedown for some period of time. They clearly suffered some sort of harm, which you would expect when a child falls at least ten feet, though the extent hasn’t been reported.

Some facilities are currently over 700% capacity as 3x as many migrant children are in custody right now compared to the peak under the Trump administration. With the Remain in Mexico policy rescinded, smugglers and illegal immigrants have every incentive to simply dump children on the U.S. side of the border knowing they can be considered for asylum.


In short, what we are witnessing is an absolute cluster, and it’s a cluster that falls solely at the feet of Joe Biden and his handlers. Their rhetoric throughout the campaign put a huge welcome mat out on the border. The promises of free healthcare, to “surge” the border for asylum claims, and to give out vaccines have resonated in Central America, and these people are now coming in droves. After taking office, Biden made matters worse by getting rid of effective policies simply so he could virtue signal to the far-left.

None of this had to happen, and every child that dies or is injured is blood on Joe Biden’s hands. He could have stood up and been a leader, but given he can barely walk, that was probably always too much to ask.



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