Footage Shows Cowardly Antifa Will Hide Behind the Police They Hate When Americans Practice Their Rights

For Antifa, it’s all about hating the police and bringing down the system until they need it to save them from an American willing to utilize his rights to defend himself. That’s exactly what happened in Salem, Oregon after a man pulled a gun on attacking Antifa rioters during a parade.


As you can see from the footage posted by Andy Ngo, Antifa was busy smashing up a truck with a man inside during the “Freedom Day Parade.” The man exits the vehicle and seems to point a gun at the crowd of Antifa attackers which has, at this point, backed off. He’s soon ordered by an armed and ready police officer to put the gun down and to get on the ground. The distraught man attempts to point to the real offenders, but the officer continues to order him to the ground while ordering everyone else to back away.

Another angle shows how the man was attacked with pepper spray and drew the weapon in self-defense. His truck was clearly vandalized with a window having been broken. Another video shows Antifa upset that the man was taken into custody instead of killed by police, complaining that if the man was black he would have been killed instead.

As of this time, it’s unclear what the man is being charged with. Being assaulted with pepper spray for no good reason seems like a very good time to draw your weapon in self-defense, but in Oregon, you’re more likely to see police side with Antifa than with the people. This is often due to city leadership ordering police to stand down in regards to Antifa activity.


In fact, city leadership is often known to sweep Antifa activity under the rug as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler famously did after one egregious attack in 2019.

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However, what’s most eye-catching is the fact that Antifa hates the police but loves it when the authority they consistently attack and claim to hate protects them. The moment the man showed he had a gun was the moment Antifa began calling out to nearby police about the man being armed. Instead of the people who were clearly vandalizing and assaulting the man being arrested, the man who was defending himself is the one that got the cuffs.

This is what happens when Democrats have free rein over a city or a state. The extremism is given a pass and even Americans utilizing their God-given rights to defend themselves with firearms are punished for acting against those who attack them.

This is naked ideological favoritism.



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