Portland Mayor Sends Out Disgustingly Tone-Deaf Tweet After Saturday's Antifa Attacks

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, is currently presiding over a city where he’s not in control due to the fact that he seems to have ceded all power to the domestic terrorist organization Antifa.


Portland is infested with Antifa members and the infection is only getting worse as time passes without Wheeler taking any measures against them. In fact, he seems to be in complete support of them given the fact that he’s reportedly ordered police to stand down and let Antifa do as they please in the past.

Portland is a city in chaos, yet according to Wheeler, it’s a beautiful city where nothing wrong is happening as evidenced by a tweet he sent out on Sunday, just a day after Antifa gathered en masse and forcefully attacked Trump supporters with deadly objects.

As the Daily Wire first reported, Wheeler sent out a tweet Sunday afternoon with a picture of him

and his wife holding hands as they walked into a market.

“Sundays in Portland,” tweeted Wheeler.

It’s a serene, peaceful picture that paints Portland as the friendly and quaint place popularized by media.

But here’s the real Portland.


Whether Wheeler is trying to lie to America to paint a rosy picture of Portland that defies Trump’s attention to it, or he’s trying to make it seem like Antifa was successful in fending off white supremacists from the city (as a Democrat on CNN suggested) he’s failing at both.

Wheeler comes off more as a false-leader, huckster, and a sociopath more than anything else, and the internet made sure he understood that.



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