Biden Isn't "Impervious to Comedy," Comedians Are Just Scared to Make Comedy About Him

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Last week, we were informed by the leftist press that when it came to President Joe Biden, comedians were struggling to lampoon him in any way. Apparently, the man is just so perfect that comedians are just sitting around, scratching their heads about how they can mock such a being so close to perfection.

I’m not kidding. Here’s Richard Zoglin from the Washington Post:

A sense of unease is starting to build. . . . The first crisis of the Biden Administration could be looming. America may have a president, the first in generations, who is impervious to impressionists . . . Biden, so far, has been impregnable. The voice is too bland and devoid of obvious quirks, and beyond the occasional ‘C’mon, man,’ his conversational manner too muted and self-effacing to give the parodists much to work with. . . . Biden’s pleasantly boring presidency has been a welcome return to normalcy – but hardly great material for parody.

As Kyle Smith over at the National Review wrote, the absolute buffet of things comedians could mock Biden over would have them spoiled for choice:

Biden has for many years exhibited a tendency for lyingbullying, weirdly aggressive yet pathetic deluded-old-man boastingsniffing women’s hair and cuddling them to the point where they start blinking out S.O.S. signals, and making all sorts of cringe-inducing comments about race. Oh, and if you were in the joke-manufacturing industry, you might also find giggles in the fact that Biden has tightened his skin so many times that his face looks like Jason Voorhees’s hockey mask, his hair plugs are 100 percent rayon, and watching him try to get through a sentence is like observing a blind drunk trying to navigate his way through a mine field.

Biden is a walking joke factory that delivers enough material to keep SNL busy for years after Biden’s out of office. The guy is awkward at the best of times, wholly ridiculous the rest. So it’s not that Biden is too perfect to mock.

The issue is that comedians don’t want to mock him for two reasons. One is sycophancy, the other is fear.

In terms of fear, all a comedian has to do in order to be canceled is mock Biden in a way that makes Democrats and his worshipers look silly or wrong. Pointing out the fact that the emperor has no clothes is likely going to get you beheaded in this day and age, and many comedians are too afraid to step a toe out of line for fear that they may become too toxic for anyone to give a gig to. Network writers are likely going to do as their Democrat-obedient networks are going to tell them and only focus their attention on making the Republican opposition look like fools.

Nobody wants to be made infamous by being labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., all because they decided to lead people in laughter at the expense of a person who not only deserves to be laughed at but needs to be laughed at in order to prevent someone with that much power from becoming a sacred cow.

The fear is bad enough, but the other is just as disturbing, if not more so.

Many of these comedians really do think Biden is that great. After years of hating President Donald Trump’s guts with every fiber of their body, Biden really does seem like near perfection. An overly-Botoxed Biden could literally misspell potato on a blackboard while stuttering out a story about how the hair on his leg was rubbed by kids and comedians would still see nothing but a singing angel whose warm glow makes them feel safe and loved.

As I said in more detail in a video, comedians are necessary to society in order to prevent the creation of things like sacred cows and keep powerful people from becoming powerful over the minds and hearts of the masses as well. No person in America is outside the bounds of mockery, nor should they be. Comedy is a powerful check against the powerful.

Biden NEEDS to be mocked, and comedians need to step up to the plate to do it.


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