The End Result of Leftist Policies Is Suffering for Women

Funny how the party that declares themselves the party of every protected group under the sun ends up being the party that does that group the most damage. Likewise, the party that has declared itself to be the “party of women” is the same party that ends up doing them absolutely dirty when it comes to everything from safety to sports.

Ask nearly any Democrat and they’ll tell you that they’re a “feminist,” which they declare is the audacious belief that women and men should be equal! Yet, we’re continuously shown that when it comes to women, they’re a secondary, if not tertiary concern.

Take, for instance, the left’s insistence that men who say they’re women are women, too. None of these men earned the title of “woman.” Slap on a wig, a dress, and take some hormones and suddenly it’s declared that they should be treated as if they’re not any different. They didn’t have to grow up with periods, weird changes in their bodies as they come into sexual maturity, or go through all the mental things girls have to go through on their way to womanhood. According to the left, these men are women and that’s that.

In fact, their belief that they’re women is so cemented that they actively work to throw these men into women’s sports where they dominate and win pretty regularly. The fact that many women train for endless hours to perfect their game means nothing. They must act as if they were beaten fair and square, and any mention to the contrary or even a hint of displeasure will result in derision and accusations of being a bigoted transphobe. This may carry with it some very long-lasting problems.

But we can even step outside of the world of sports, and even outside the country to find examples of how leftist policies are harming women.

According to the Daily Wire, London’s very leftist Mayor, Sadiq Khan, mentioned that it’s highly unsafe for women and girls to walk the streets of London:

“No, they aren’t, or for girls, and it’s really important that people of my gender understand that,” Khan replied. “If you’re a women or a girl and your experiences of our city of any public place, whether it’s on the streets on public transport, it’s very different to if you’re a man or a boy, and it’s really important that people like me in positions of power and influence understand that and take steps to address that.”

“You know, what’s missing from the conversation is that we talk in this area about protecting women, I think the conversation should be start with the actions of men and boys, actually,” he continued. “What’s going on in our culture, where it’s a sign of masculinity to intimidate women and to harass women on the streets … what is it about us we don’t understand that women and girls want some personal space on a busy cheap or a busy bus?”

He’s not pointing any fingers and that’s odd considering one of the left’s favorite things to do is point fingers; to accuse, isolate, and destroy.

He’s not pointing fingers for a reason, and that reason is that crime around the city shot up as an influx of immigration from middle eastern countries flooded the city with young men with differing cultural standards. This has been ongoing since 2015 and the decision to open their borders began bearing rotten fruit rather quickly. By 2018, the Independent reported that London had seen a 20 percent rise in rape reports in just a year. When asked, police would claim they wouldn’t know the reason.

The answer was pretty clear, however, as Germany was experiencing a similar rise in rape cases with a study showing a link between the migrants and the rise of crime rates. Stark rises in rape were also being experienced in Denmark and Sweden with the same conclusion being reached. It was the unfettered and unchecked immigration from middle eastern countries where women aren’t seen or respected in the same way they are in first-world countries.

But this was all being done so that the left could pat themselves on the back for not being racist. Instead of addressing a very real problem and attempting to solve it with logic, the left allowed its women to suffer greatly so that it couldn’t be accused of being racist. It effectively chose that narrative over actual women.

The left is not the party of women. It’s hardly the party of people.


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