The Amount of Time the Media Has Given to Cuomo's 15,000 Nursing Home Death Count Will Disgust You

The Amount of Time the Media Has Given to Cuomo's 15,000 Nursing Home Death Count Will Disgust You
Office of the NY Governor via AP

The media would like you to focus on the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has mounting claims of sexual harassment against him, but if you think that’s the media finally doing its job as it covers the scandals and wrongdoings of a Democrat, then you’d be sadly mistaken.

In truth, this is the media attempting to distract the American people from something Cuomo did that was far worse than inappropriately hitting on some women. Just to remind you, Cuomo’s policies during the COVID-19 lockdowns included putting elderly New Yorkers infected with the virus into unsecured nursing homes, spreading the virus to other elderly people, resulting in 15,000 deaths. Cuomo’s administration then lied to authorities (and New Yorkers) about what the real death count was in order to save Cuomo’s glowing COVID-19 era reputation.

As I covered in more detail previously, the media driving attention to Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations is a distraction from this single story.

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Now we have numbers to see just how much time the media is dedicating to this atrocity, and all things considered, it’s pretty disgusting. According to the Media Research Center, a grand total of 15 minutes over the course of ten months has been used to talk about Cuomo’s death count. Outside of these short bursts, the media can’t be bothered about the deaths of thousands:

From the first network evening news mention of Cuomo’s nursing home scandal nearly ten months ago (on the May 11, 2020 NBC Nightly News) through Sunday night, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts have devoted a mere 15 minutes, 35 seconds to the story — most of which came after the January 28, 2021 report by the state’s Attorney General, Letitia James, charging that the Cuomo administration vastly under-reported nursing home deaths.

In contrast, in just the past 11 days those same broadcasts have devoted almost three times as much coverage — 44 minutes, 14 seconds — on allegations from several women that Cuomo sexually harassed them in recent years.

Is it just that the media finds the sexual harassment allegations a far more effective story to get Cuomo out? Not likely. As the MRC covered in its research, the media couldn’t be bothered about the allegations when they first arose:

Of course, last December it didn’t seem as though the harassment story would go anywhere, either. The networks couldn’t have cared less as they completely ignored the initial allegation against Cuomo, tweeted by former staffer Lindsey Boylan on December 13, 2020. Then on February 25, after Boylan expanded on her charges, only ABC’s World News Tonight bothered to even mention them (giving the news a scant 39 seconds), while the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News said nothing.

In other words, it was only covered because it was useful now that Cuomo actually had something that needed to be distracted from. Once again, the hypocrisy of the #MeToo ideology rears its ugly head in the defense of a Democrat. Even now, it’s only being used to protect the Democrats.

And in truth, that’s what this all really boils down to. These allegations are a shield against Cuomo’s reputation going down as one of the worst COVID-19 era governors, especially after the Democrats, the media, and the “experts” all hailed Cuomo as the picture-perfect example of leadership during a pandemic. If he’s this wrong, then perhaps the entire Democrat Party narrative is wrong.

That’s a thought they’d rather not appear in your head.

So the media, also in danger of being considered a lame source of COVID-19 news and advice, is going to distract you as much as it can from the fact that Cuomo’s decisions killed 15,000 people. It’s trying to manipulate your outrage, or at the very least, your attention.

Don’t let them.

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