Witness, Before Your Very Eyes, How the Left Treats Sexual Assault on the Left vs. the Right

Witness, Before Your Very Eyes, How the Left Treats Sexual Assault on the Left vs. the Right
Office of the NY Governor via AP

Remember when the virtuous left was storming the Supreme Court in a show of feminist defiance of the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Remember how this came after one of the most insane shows of asinine virtue signaling from Democrats and feminist activists America had ever seen. Remember how the guy they were attacking was literally one of the most standup guys the world had ever seen, but despite this, they were throwing around absurd accusations like “he ran an underground rape ring in high school that no one ever talked about, including the raped?”

You probably do, because that entire circus was the moment the #MeToo movement lived at its height and died just as quickly thanks to the bizarre lengths it went to to see Kavanaugh didn’t win his position on the Supreme Court. Headlines were just as dramatic with Slate writing articles like “Fear a Justice Brett Kavanaugh” and stating that “Americans should be terrified.”

It was a moment in our history that should be looked back on with shame, as an innocent man’s name was drug through the mud by the left, all in the name of politics. The left’s zealotry during that time was intense enough to set a bar. Anytime sexual harassment claims were made, we were required to “Believe All Women” and take immediate action no matter who the accusations were made against.

Then Democrats were accused.

It started with accusations toward then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and instead of going #MeToo on him, they went #MehToo. Even the #MeToo movement’s most vocal warrior, Alyssa Milano, suddenly found her enthusiasm for bringing down those who assault or harass women a bit on the timid side.

Fast forward to today and we have New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment by three different women.

“But Brandon!” I hear you say, “Cuomo is getting put through the wringer! The headlines are all over it!”

You’re not wrong, dear reader, but you must consider two things.

For one, these sexual harassment claims came along just as Cuomo’s nursing home blunder that took the lives of 15,000 elderly New Yorkers was really gaining steam. Oh, and he tried to lie about it too. In terms of severity, the death of thousands is a lot more intense than a few girls claiming sexual harassment, and when you really look at what the Democrat party as a whole had to lose if Cuomo’s death count really took center stage, the media suddenly focusing on the three claims seems oddly timed and wildly convenient. If these three women had come forward at any other time, the media likely wouldn’t have given the story the time of day.

Secondly, not every news outlet is attacking Cuomo in their reporting, they’re just reporting. What’s more, some are even working to excuse Cuomo.

Remember how Slate told us to “fear a Brett Kavanaugh” because he represented everything that was wrong with how America treats women. Well, now Slate is telling us that despite Cuomo using his position to attempt to get younger women on his staff to sleep with him, it’s still good that he’s in the position he is.

Maybe It’s a Good Thing Andrew Cuomo Is Still Governor” is the headline that appeared on Slate’s site on Wednesday followed by the subtitle “The Me Too movement should welcome due process.”

Jesus wept.

If left up to the feminist #MeToo mob, due process for Kavanaugh wouldn’t have even been considered. They’d have hung him from the rafters and displayed him as a warning for anyone else who might defy the left. Suggesting due process for Kavanaugh during that time would get you angry responses about how you’re a misogynistic tool of the patriarchy because you don’t care that women are being assaulted and raped.

Now that a Democrat is in the hot seat, it’s due process time, and ya know…maybe sexual harassment isn’t all that bad. They are, after all, Cuomosexuals at the end of the day. Right guys?….Guys?

The bottom line is that the left is going to hold itself to different standards than the left. They will always push harder for punishments, blame more intensely, and be hypocritical about it in the end because, really, in the end, it’s not the virtue they signal that the left really cares about, it’s the win they get out of playing by different rules that really matters.

The lesson is clear; never give in to the left’s dramatics and outrage. Fight back.

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