The Left Is Now Trying to Sell the Idea that Cancel Culture Doesn't Exist

The left has a habit that it practices when it runs up against undeniable hypocrisy and it’s doing so now with cancel culture. It’s a tactic that first requires the denial of a thing existing, and then redefining the word to better fit their needs.


Cancel culture is an undeniable thing happening in our society right now. People, businesses, organizations, movies, shows, and more have been absolutely ruined because the left gets together a mob who trends something or someone into infamy. This person or thing becomes too unsafe to work with for brands and that person is effectively left with very little and with few prospects. Sometimes the person being canceled lands on their feet, or sometimes it will just cost a brand their reputation, but oftentimes it results in the ruination of lives.

Cancel culture is clearly unpopular with the American people. As reported by Politico, 49 percent of Americans believe cancel culture has gone too far while only 27 percent think it’s a positive force in America.

The problem is that cancel culture is too useful of a tool for the left to just drop. Even the threat of being canceled keeps a lot of people in line and agreeing with whatever the left tells them to agree with on any given instance. So what to do?

Redefine it.

We’ve been hearing from the left lately that there’s no such thing as “cancel culture,” as if the cancellations we’ve seen over the past couple of years weren’t blindingly obvious. They try to put new names on it to spin it. Briant Stelter called the cancellation of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” over advertisers not willing to associate themselves with the program after his stance that the election was stolen “consequence culture.


“I know that Dobbs and other hosts on Fox rail against cancel culture, they say they’re being canceled,” said Stelter. “Well this is an actual cancellation, but this might really be more like a consequence culture. There are consequences for constantly peddling falsehoods on television, and at least in this one case, perhaps there are real consequences for Dobbs.”

Right now, the cancelation of certain books from Dr. Seuss is being labeled as “cultural change,” not “cancel culture,” indicating that our culture has apparently moved on from racism and intolerance, but funny enough, Dr. Seuss was a person who was often seen standing up against racism and introducing these concepts into his books.

It’s hard to square the left’s logic with actual logic but the leftist bubble can’t allow itself to be mistaken or wrong about anything. It wants to have its accusatory cake and eat it too, and what we’re witnessing right now is the left’s attempts at coming up with a way to do the horrible things they do while still looking like the good guys, or even better, the victims.

To see the outcome of this, we can look at how the left redefined racism.

Racism is, pure and simple, hatred or prejudice against a certain race or skin color. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

In its cultural conquest, however, the left needed villains to turn people against and it found a solid patsy in the form of white people. The left has made white people a cultural villain for years now, blaming almost every problem under the sun as something white people caused in the first place. Comedians, movies, and television shows can make white people the butt of a joke for their skin color while doing so to any other race is absolutely forbidden. Blue check journalists on Twitter can actually make overtly racist statements against white people with no blowback whatsoever.


Training documents from Coca-Cola were recently leaked that showed it instructing its employees to “be less white,” and its reaction was effectively to shrug it off. It’s also not just limited to corporations. As Tucker Carlson pointed out, Seattle’s white city workers were informed that their skin color carried qualities that were offensive.

This is overtly racist. It’s labeling people who are white as villains based on their white skin and nothing more. It’s a horrific thing to do and should be called out as racist by everyone, and to be sure, those with a lick of common sense have.

The issue, however, is that the left knows it’s being racist but the anti-white sentiment is too useful of a tool to give up. It’s working very well in controlling cultural flow, and dropping one of your biggest guns during a fight isn’t something the left is willing to do. So what do you do?

The answer is, redefine what constitutes racism.

Professors in universities began trotting out racism as being prejudiced or hateful against a certain race or ethnicity, but now in order to constitute “racism,” it must now also include power. So (racism = prejudice + power).

With this in mind, they can proclaim that white people have all the power and their racism can continue, now redefined as reactive feelings toward white oppressors. It’s weaponized self-victimization.


The left is now trying to do the same with cancel culture. It cannot allow cancel culture to be lost but it also can’t have it used as an example of just how the left is not, in fact, full of victims. It needs to continue the illusion that it’s the side doing the right thing and fighting for the oppressed and downtrodden.

The left is far from innocent. It’s racist, intolerant, and ready to destroy anyone who disagrees with them or gets in their way. No one is safe, including the cancellers.



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