Mainstream Culture Is Wrong on All Counts About White People

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Mainstream culture has made it clear that white people are pretty much just the worst, and spending any time online will make it abundantly clear that the messaging is working. Overt racism against white people isn’t just accepted, it’s applauded. In some circles, it’s one of the ways of being accepted by your peers.


It’s managed to convince millions of people that white people are very one-dimensional. All white people are the same, they have no culture, and every good idea they’ve ever had was stolen from someone with a higher level of melanin. The only thing we can be responsible for, by any full measure, is slavery.

But, besides the fact that the vast majority of the white people during the era of slavery never owned a slave, and no white person in America does now, every white person is still responsible for it. Never mind that every race, at some point, has owned slaves (including enslaved white people); according to mainstream culture and the social justice movement, white people are the only race guilty of the ancient practice, and it’s due to the fact that white people are inherently racist.

No one sees this view against white people as inherently racist, because they’ve put a lot of effort into rewriting the definition of racism to mean not just prejudice based on skin color, but prejudice based on skin color, in addition to power. If it sounds stupid, it’s because it is. Power does not alter racism; it just gives racism teeth. Ancient Egyptians and Nazis viewed the Jewish people as monsters and below them, and we all know where that ended. South Africans targeted white farmers, taking their land, and raping and killing them, with almost no blowback from the government.


When racism has the backing of people in power, it’s far more dangerous. But even without power, it’s still racism.

But even if we were to play by the rules of the social justice elite and define racism as prejudice plus power, it’s clear that this ideological bent has now seized the mainstream culture and their ideological adherents also have power in Washington. Bashing white people is okay in our culture to the point where any positive talk about white people is viewed as racist.

We have a month dedicated to black people but mention that white people could deserve the same, and you’re accused of promoting something evil. Twitch partners can declare white people have no culture and that their lives don’t matter to no blowback. CNN’s Don Lemon can declare white men who support Trump are the greatest threat to America, and he’ll be applauded for it. Actress Tessa Thompson said she doesn’t want to work with a bunch of white men, and America shrugged it off, knowing that if that same phrase was said with any other minority in the place of white people, there would be a career-ending uproar.

Now we have Coca-Cola telling its employees that acting white is wrong, and that white people need to work on being less white. It also attached some horrendous assumptions about the character of all white people, resulting in one of the most racist actions endorsed by a corporation in modern times.


Just to run down some of the things white people are accused of being, Coca-Cola officially believes white people are ignorant, oppressive, uncaring, overly-proud, and arrogant.

In a statement, Coca-Cola claims that this was not part of their curriculum and not part of their “plan to build an inclusive workspace.”

However, unlike other instances where a corporation was accused of racism, Coca-Cola made no effort to assure its customers that it didn’t agree with the sentiments found in its training line-up. It merely shrugged at it, said “wasn’t me,” and moved on.

It made no effort to defend white people at all.

I want to make a point here. I don’t expect Coca-Cola to defend white people as a race and talk about how great they are. Truth be told, I don’t think Coca-Cola should do that about any race. A race is hardly a race, as it is. White people are a pretty diverse bunch, just like Hispanic and black people are. Melanin levels hardly begin to explain someone’s background, just clue you in as to where you might begin looking for their ancestry.


But arrogance is hardly a trait of a single race. Arrogance is held by an individual. One white person might be incredibly humble, or maybe even wholly unconfident, while the black person next to him has arrogance for days. Many a rapper has built entire images around being arrogant or cocky and proclaiming how awesome they are, compared to everyone else in the game.

Ignorance is natural across all races. To be ignorant of something is natural, because all ignorance is the absence of knowledge about a particular subject. If we’re saying white people are ignorant because they don’t know something and thus are villains because of it, then everyone of all colors is a villain.

Oppressiveness isn’t exactly something white people can be pegged for either. From childhood on up, we’ve been taught that racism is wrong and that the color of one’s skin doesn’t determine our worth. We’re to judge by the content of someone’s character, not their skin. We’ve been taught the importance of the Civil War, because it freed the slaves, and appreciate that this event happened as it helped America fall in line with the belief and value that all men are created equal. We’re taught that the Civil Rights era was a further step toward that goal. These are values that white people have embraced by the vast majority and still value to this day.


White people have been learning that oppression is bad for years, and that to do so is a social sin. When racism rears its head, even if it’s the perception of racism, the country comes down on it like a hammer. Many of the people protesting racism to the point of violence are white, after they’ve been brainwashed to believe their own guilt needs to be made up for in extreme ways.

This is not a racist country. I know it, as a white man who grew up in a majority-white country and sees just how important being anti-racist is here. I’ve seen the lengths white people will go to in order to root out racism, whether it be wise and just or extremist and ludicrous.

It’s true that people have faults, but these faults aren’t the sole realm of white people. The sins of the past don’t automatically make a person of the present guilty.

But we are making guilty parties out of the people of the present, when continuing to practice racism under the guise of victims speaking out. Those excusing anti-white racism in a country that has accomplished social change like ours is not only stupid, it breeds the very racism they’re allegedly trying to stamp out.

White people aren’t bad, but some white people can be. Black people aren’t bad, but some black people can be. Individuals carry their own sin with them, and just because one may do something wrong, it doesn’t make the person next to him guilty.


In truth, the only thing guilty of racism in today’s society is our mainstream culture, as it continues to divide us and encourage the singling out of one race over another as monsters who are lesser than all the other races.

We’ve seen where that leads many times. Let’s not make the same mistake again.


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