Cuomo's Death Count Isn't Just His Fault

AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a lot of controversies piling up against him, but I’m not interested in the one being used to cover up the fact that he’s responsible for the deaths of some 15,000 elderly New Yorkers and attempting to hide that fact in order to protect his reputation.

As it stands, a lot of talk is circulating around Cuomo’s sexual harassment problem. The allegations against him are mounting, with a new one coming forward every few days. They’re probably true, but again, I’m not interested. This is all a bit of a distraction from the main issue, Cuomo’s death count. It needs to be distracted from because if Cuomo was wrong about handling COVID-19, then the entire illusion that Democrats have had the right answer on the lockdown question falls apart. It also means that other Governors could find themselves in some severely hot, boiling water themselves.

Governors like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan who effectively did the exact same thing Cuomo did.

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Either way, Democrats are effectively protecting Cuomo from his reputation being destroyed by his death count by destroying him with sexual harassment allegations. In the end, it’s really the Democrats protecting their own reputation as the whiz kids in the room who always “follow the science” and do the right thing.

But that kind of underhanded dirty dealing is pretty much par for the Democrats. The real question is, how are they capable of doing that?

They’re capable of doing that for the same reason Cuomo thought he could get away with killing thousands in the first place.

He thought the media would protect him.

John Nolte penned an excellent piece at Breitbart where he made this very point clear:

Cuomo’s bald-faced lie was that he claimed the federal government (read: The Bad Orange Man) forced the nursing home policy on New York. The corporate media not only allowed Cuomo to get away with telling that lie, the corporate media continued to Cuomosexualize all over themselves, which allowed Cuomo’s sociopathic nursing home policy to stay in place until May 10.

Cuomo then lied about the number of nursing home resident deaths. He cut the true number by about 50 percent, to avoid a federal investigation.

Meanwhile, according to three women (so far), all of them Democrats (two of them former Cuomo staffers), while the media were bubbling over with Cuomosexualism, Cuomo was running around allegedly touching, kissing, propositioning, and being generally creepy — what CNNLOL’s Fredo Cuomo told us was being “single and ready to mingle.”

There’s no reason that Cuomo should have gotten away with any of this but our media was far too busy clapping like trained seals when Cuomo so much as blew his nose.

All this to say that this death count isn’t just Cuomo’s to carry, it also belongs to our mainstream media who refused to even look at Cuomo’s dirty dealings in the nursing homes. Cuomo did it under the knowledge that his status as a Democrat and leader of the crown jewel in the Democrat’s cap would protect him from any scrutiny by the media. He was right up until it became too hot for the media to continue to turn a blind eye.

Even then the media is too busy attempting to assist Democrats in distracting from the thousands dead and focus on the fact that Cuomo acted inappropriately around his staffers.

Thousands of people are dead and the media wants us to focus more on the fact that a guy wanted to use his position to coax sex out of young women… gee, welcome to the human race.

Don’t just blame Cuomo, blame the media.



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