Did Gavin Newsom Ever Really Care About You? Do Any of the Democratic Governors?

Watching the drama play out with California Gavin Newsom and the recall effort has really highlighted some things about the Democrats. To be fair, it was things we on the right already knew, but nuance and detail aren’t exactly welcome on the mainstream stage.

To catch you up, at the introduction of the Coronavirus to the mainstream, Gavin Newsom enacted some of the most draconian measures to California in order to halt the spread. California then experienced a massive cratering of the economy, high levels of depression, and to top it all off, one of the highest case rates in the nation for the virus despite the intense measures.

Meanwhile, as Newsom continued to lock everyone in their homes, he was out cavorting with friends at a high-end restaurant.

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This triggered an effort for a recall election to explode according to the Wall Street Journal:

Political opponents have criticized Mr. Newsom in the past few months over bans on outdoor dining at restaurants and fraudulent and delayed payments at the state’s unemployment agency, which California has said it is investigating. In November, local media reported that Mr. Newsom ate with friends at the swanky French Laundry restaurant in Napa at the same time he was urging residents to avoid gathering with people outside their households. The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board accused him of “stunning hypocrisy.” Mr. Newsom has said the French Laundry dinner was an error in judgment.

Three weeks after local media first reported on the French Laundry dinner, recall supporters submitted 441,904 additional signatures on their petition. They had previously reported 55,930 since the effort began in June.

Fast forward to today and the number of signatures necessary to trigger the ballot is almost reached with a reported 1.2 million in the bag out of the necessary 1.5 million. That number needs to be reached by March but at this pace, it looks as if it will blow past it very soon.

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Now, facing the recall election, Newsom seems to be willing to reverse the lockdown orders he’s been so nobly thrusting on the people of California as they suffered and he dined. Apparently, all it takes to get a lockdown released is to threaten a politician’s job.

Keep in mind that this was the same Newsom that believed in the “science” that called for the lockdowns to happen and enforced cruel measures on the people in order to keep them “safe.” This is the same man who likely heard the cries of the people as they sank further and further into poverty while their livelihoods shriveled into dust.

But now that his livelihood is threatened, he’s willing to boost his numbers by releasing the lockdown? As the recall threat looms larger and larger he’s willing to drop all the “science” and do what needs to be done to save his career?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy that Californians can finally breathe, but this is only happening because an authoritarian is under threat of losing his authority…and his paycheck.

So the question has to be asked. Did Newsom ever really care about the people? Did he ever really believe in the lockdown?

Judging by the fact that he didn’t adhere to his own rules and is willing to toss it all out the window with his job on the line, it’s easy to assume the answer to that question is “no.” If true, then this is one of the slimiest politicians to ever hold office in the United States and he deserves to be recalled and shamed until his dying day, or at least until he sincerely repents.

But this begs another question.

If Newsom is willing to roll over and go back on everything he claimed to believe just to keep some approval points, then what about the other Democratic leaders who have pushed for or enforced these horrific lockdowns? What happens if we begin sincerely threatening an end to their terms in office with an early firing?

Something tells me they would react just like Newsom. They’d buckle and release the authority they’ve been abusing in order to keep a modicum of it.

If that’s the case, then this country has been going through a lockdown for nothing except for the benefit of the powerful elite.


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