The Left Is Radicalizing the Right More Than Anyone Else

Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP

The left is in the business of radicalization and that’s not hyperbole.

One only needs to look at the complete spectrum of behaviors supported and undertaken by the left. Teaching children everything from transgenderism to racism and sexism, extreme social justice behaviors practically being required in universities by leftist professors, and even pardoning the most violent behaviors as riots destroy towns is pretty common for the left.


The radicalization doesn’t stop at the left, though.

Looking at the behavior of some of the right-leaning people that had infiltrated the Capitol building, you can see that sanity and calm thinking hadn’t won the day. While not quite as destructive, the actions looked a lot like the leftist Black Lives Matter riots than anything.

These people didn’t just arrive at their conclusions in a vacuum, and while there are many paths to becoming a radical, the left’s ability to make people feel a sense of desperation is definitely one of them.

One of those ways the left does that is to silence, censor, and belittle. It’s a tactic that might work a while but behind the seal they put on dissent, pressure builds. At some point, it’s going to explode.

The censorship of conservatives isn’t new. It’s been going on for years and it’s no conspiracy theory. Video evidence shows just how blatant the censorship of conservatives is, and despite how the leftists in Silicon Valley deny it, it’s clear that the left wants it.

Michelle Obama, for instance, called for Trump to be silenced on social media. Melinda Gates wants the same, but for everyone who disagrees with the left’s politics.

Sen. Josh Hawley just had hit book canceled by Simon and Schuster after the Capitol Hill riot, mostly because he was blamed for being the cause of the riot in the first place. He wasn’t. He never advocated for the riots to happen, unlike Democrats Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden himself.


I could continue but you’ve likely gotten the point by now.

The silencing of conservatives or right-leaning voices isn’t going to make the problem go away, it’s only going to increase the anger and vitriol felt by the silenced. The radicalization won’t come because of an abundance of radical speech, it’ll come from a lack of expression of dissenting opinion, the vast majority of which is entirely reasonable.

Resentment will drive the radicalism, not false information.

There’s a difference between dissenting speech and actually dangerous speech, and the left has more or less lost sight of what that difference is in its quest to sensationalize and silence.

The left continues to put the kibosh on conservative speech at its own risk, and — God forbid — a real insurrection rises up that actually takes the lives of a good number of people, the left will only have themselves to blame.


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