Joe Biden's Foundation Promoted Transgenderism For Children as Young as 18 Months

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

The left’s relationship with gender dysphoria is massively unhealthy and Joe Biden’s position on the matter takes it to the extreme.

According to The National Pulse, the Biden Foundation began a campaign in 2018 called “As You Are” which tracked LGBT “acceptance stories” across the nation. The Pulse noted that of the 500 stories it tracked, a good number of them were below the age of 18 with one account telling the story of a transitioning 18-month-old baby.

The mother submitted the story to the campaign which was proudly displayed on Biden’s initiative site.

“My youngest child is six and has been gender nonconforming since being able to articulate at 18 months old. [My child] was born biologically male and initially indicated that he was “a boy who liked all girl things.” This past year, [she] has socially transitioned and now prefers the pronouns she/her and will be starting first grade soon as her authentic self.”

One of Biden’s aides also submitted a story of their own about their 7-year-old non-conforming child who loves watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

“My youngest child is a fabulous gender non-conforming boy who loves ballet and the RuPaul Drag Race show… At age 7 he is a powerful advocate for himself and other children just like him.”

Also included is a parent celebrating their 9-year-old transgender son, who also added that they wish they’d pushed transgederism on them sooner.

“But when my son was age 4 and began expressing that he felt like a boy, I did struggle. … I allowed him to express himself with his preferred clothing choices, and even a haircut, but I misstepped on allowing him to socially transition at a young age. Because I wanted an easy path for him. So, I mistakenly stifled him, dismissed him.”

Since the beginning of Biden’s presidential campaign, the Democrat candidate has stepped back from the foundation but the internet is forever.

Gender dysphoria is monumentally dangerous to push on anyone and doing so with children should absolutely be considered abuse. The transgender community has a 41 percent suicide rate and that goes up 19 times for those who transition.

Despite the amount of depression that plagues those with gender dysphoria, today’s mainstream society has declared it “stunning and brave” to put children on a genderless path from a very young age.

Model Emily Ratjakowski recently declared that she wouldn’t give a gender label to her child until the child decided at the age of 18.

Hopefully, this is a fad or enough science will come out to make it clear that this is not a healthy lifestyle to live. Given the left’s propensity to ignore inconvenient science it’s not likely to help the situation. If so, then perhaps laws will be crafted to protect children from this kind of abuse.

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