SJW Creates Web Series to Teach Kids Racism and Sexism

Screenshot: YouTube

There is no creature more racist or sexist than a social justice warrior, case in point, this recent work from “comedian” Kristina Wong.

Wong decided to gather a small group of girls from different ethnicities with the exception of white for a YouTube show called “Radical Cram School.” The entire video is essentially Wong teaching the girls about the evils of whites and males.


To begin, Wong refers to the girls as “comrades,” and then immediately proceeds to give them a test to see if they’ve been “tainted by the patriarchy.”

Wong then holds up a picture of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, eliciting a negative reaction from the girls who call it “creepy.” When Wong asks why, one girl offers that “there’s just something about white people that just makes me be like…” at which point the girl makes an odd face. Wong does the same with a picture of Donald Trump, then asks what the girls know about him.

“He’s bad,” yell the girls.

“It’s blocking opportunity for people who don’t live in America to come here for a better opportunity,” said one girl about Trump’s proposed border wall.

After a bit more bashing, Wong then holds up a picture of Hello Kitty and asks what’s missing. The girls respond that she doesn’t have a mouth, and one explains that the creators didn’t want to portray Asian girls as having the ability to speak up about who they were.

The series has also released additional episodes, one that features a vocabulary episode which teaches the girls about “misogyny” and “structural racism,” which teaches the girls anti-male and classist thinking.

If you have the strong suspicion that many of these girls were coached on how to react and what to say, then you’re not alone. Much of the verbiage that comes out of the mouths of the girls seem too textbook, and in later episodes they demonstrate a complete ignorance when asked about certain words, creating an odd contrast of being overly knowledgeable to having no knowledge at all.


I actually feel sorry for the children forced into the web series who are being indoctrinated by a woman who believes she’s funny.

However, Wong is not actually funny. She relies on the social justice kind of “comedy” that eliciting more applause than it does laughter. Moreover, Wong’s racism and sexism lend to her giving a false view of the world to children. For instance, Hello Kitty was not created without a mouth to encourage Asian girls to be silent. She was created without a mouth because, as her creator Yuko Shimizu explained, she wanted the person looking at Hello Kitty could imagine the character identifying with whatever emotion they were feeling at the time:

From Hello Kitty Guide:

She created Hello Kitty without a mouth so that a person could imagine Hello Kitty with the same emotions that they themselves were feeling.

Like if you felt sad, then you could imagine that Hello Kitty was frowning. And if you felt happy then you could imagine Hello Kitty was happy just like you.

This is where one of the Hello Kitty slogans “Happy or sad together,” comes from.

Yuko Shimizu felt that if Hello Kitty could share a person’s feelings then they could see Hello Kitty as an understanding friend.

Drawing Hello Kitty without a mouth was a genius move and has been an important part of Hello Kitty’s popularity.

Wong either doesn’t know this and rattled on through ignorance or knew it and decided to lie to the girls about it, pushing instead that the popular character doesn’t have a mouth in order to make Asian girls feel as if being silent was good and proper.


Wong is clearly a racist, as most social justice warriors are. It’s just sad that they feel the need to drag children down into that kind of hatred with them.

At this time, YouTube has not seen fit to take down the video due to its obvious and overt racism. YouTube commenters have responded to the video, and the reaction is not at all good. Wong has disabled comments for the video, but as of this writing, her thumbs up/thumbs down ration has over 11,000 thumbs down compared to only 226 thumbs up.



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