Witness the Social Justice Community's Hypocrisy Unfold On One YouTuber

Witness the Social Justice Community's Hypocrisy Unfold On One YouTuber
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The social justice community attempts to make it seem like they’re the arbiter of all that is good and righteous in our society but the truth is that they’re one of the largest causes of racism, sexism, and bigotry within it. It’s a community that claims to fight for a better world, but that “better world” is one of pure hostility toward specific groups and anyone who even remotely defends or agrees with these groups.

Disagreement is punishable by cancellation, and the YouTube channel “The Quartering” is now one such target for cancellation and simply for pointing out that a social justice driven game journalist didn’t do her job.

Jeremy Hambley is an increasingly popular YouTuber who uploads daily videos that feature news about everything from the entertainment industry to Silicon Valley scandals. Hambley’s commentary is usually right of center, but that hasn’t stopped him from delivering news and commentary in a fair manner.

With the release of Cyberpunk 2077, mainstream games journalists have made it their mission to cast the game in a negative light, highlighting issues such as how it treats diversity. While it does mention problems with gameplay and graphics, it’s hard to take the reviews seriously, as the social justice community and leftist game press have had it out for Cyberpunk 2077 since a trailer featured a trans individual last year in an ad within the game.

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One reviewer from GameSpot, Kallie Plagge, noted in a video about her review that she hardly played important parts of the game but decided to give it a review anyway. She dismissed important elements such as crafting, side questing, and weapon modification, even noting that she refused to interact with the game sometimes because of her political leanings.

She gave the game a score of seven out of ten, which rates it as “good,” but it doesn’t matter. The fact alone is that she didn’t do her job as a games journalist. She effectively shrugged off big parts of the game and then judged it.

Hambley decided to cover this reviewer due to the outrage she sparked. During the coverage, he noted her unwillingness to play the game, read comments from people who watched the review themselves, and explained that it was her job to do all of these things in the game and that if she didn’t want to play an RPG game the way one should, then someone else should have.

Hambley also made it clear to his nearly 1 million viewers that he did not want them to brigade or mob Plagge in any way.

At no point did Hambley devolve into personal attacks about Plagge’s looks or make shallow comments about her overall. His disagreement with Plagge was about her inability to do her job.

The reaction against Hambley from the gaming journalist community itself was intense. Editors began calling for his cancellation and instructed their followers to flag Hambley’s video about Plagge until it was taken down and, hopefully to them, his channel banished from YouTube.

Mobs began going after Hambley with personal insults on top of trying to end his livelihood by eliminating or lessening his presence on YouTube.

I point this out because I want everyone to see that absolute hypocrisy here.

Hambley didn’t personally attack Plagge and encouraged everyone to refrain from attacking her themselves. He was certainly annoyed and frustrated with Plagge, and indeed the mainstream games journalist community as a whole, but his commentary wasn’t hateful and didn’t even call for her firing. It wasn’t until after he was attacked that Hambly even highlighted peculiar things about Plagge’s career, such as her oddly mysterious exit from IGN.

He was indeed critical of her review and past reviews but otherwise did not engage in low blows.

Yet the opposition did. This is the same opposition that demands you not use ad hominem attacks and that civility should be practiced by their opponents. Yet they launched vile attacks against Hambley about his looks and even attempted to have his entire job taken from him.

The hypocrisy coming from the social justice left, and especially the gaming press, is the worst.

The thing is, if you put your opinions out into the public, you can expect to have disagreement launched your way. If readers or viewers don’t think you’ve done a good enough job making your case, they’re going to call you out on it. You’re in the public square, expect the public to respond.

While I don’t personally condone personal attacks, I know that public figures are going to get them one way or another. I know I do, but it’s just the business. People can be horrible when they’re safely behind a keyboard, anonymous profiles, and miles between them and their target. I tend to shrug off the insults that come my way because in the end, they’re just angry typing from a person who’s never met me and likely won’t have an effect on my life either way.

But I’ve noticed game journalists tend to have a pattern of claiming they’re victims of harassment when it’s just actual and fair criticism. They act as if saying “you’ve done a bad job of reviewing this game” is the same as insulting them.

Hambley didn’t do anything wrong with his criticisms, yet you’d think that the hate thrown at him was the result of him murdering Plagge’s family dog and then lobbing insults at her and her mother about their looks.

They’re outraged by any opposition. Not bothered or frustrated by it, but outraged. Their responses are to be the bad guys themselves and do the very thing they say is the problem in our culture today.


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