Whether or Not There's a "New Normal" Is Up to You

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, Pool, File

The “new normal” is a constant phrase being thrown about, primarily by the left, that describes how our lives as Americans will be from here on thanks to the induction of the Coronavirus to the globe, and frankly, it reeks of “newspeak” more than it does anything else.

The “new normal” seems to come with certain stipulations attached and all of them seem to be everything the hard-left has always wanted for America. No worship in church, no celebration of Christmas or Thanksgiving, no more gathering in protest of the government (unless it’s a protest in their favor), and that same government now has carte blanche over what you can and can’t even do in your own homes.

What else they consider the “new normal” may change based on what is and isn’t convenient for those at the top at the time, but that last part is the most important part of this “new normal.” They want to normalize a hefty increase in government control.

It’s an authoritarian’s dream to be able to tell his citizens how they can live their lives. Proclaiming that you can only have so many people in your home is enough to make the despotic salivate. If they can exert that much power over you in the name of “safety” then what else can they get away with?

Rest assured, they’ve already thought long and hard about this.

In the name of safety, they can tell you how many guns you can have in your home, what you should wear in your own home, or even what projects you can undertake on your own property. They can even restrict your travel to and from places you own.

If that sounds hyperbolic, then I need only refer you to the pandemic-time policies of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, and Gavin Newsome, who are some of the worst authoritarians this nation has seen since Woodrow Wilson.

These three have not only continued to enforce measures to combat the virus that continue not to work, but they’ve also flagrantly disregarded their own rules in order to enjoy life as they normally would and lash out at the public whenever the public calls them out on their hypocrisy.

I think, however, there’s a confusion around this new normal and it’s a confusion coming from both sides of the equation. For one, the authoritarians in charge are clearly high on their own supply. The power they’ve garnered due to the pandemic has made them believe they are above the people. The people, however, aren’t doing much to make them believe otherwise. Too many are immediately agreeing with whatever these authoritarians say they should do to keep safe.

This has caused something of a feedback loop. The authoritarians believe their power should grow because the populace believes they need to be more fearful as the restrictions tighten, causing the authoritarians to tighten restrictions even more as they’re applauded for it.

The “new normal” exists because two groups are convincing each other that it should.

Meanwhile, the rest of us (and by the rest, I mean the majority) have a good reason not to buy into this fearmongering and power-grabbing. We see who and who isn’t affected by the virus and can make rational decisions based on the information we’ve gathered. We weigh the effects of the virus on the economy, our mental health, and our community, and based off that information we make informed decisions as to our actions.

We are grown adults. We don’t need a bureaucrat who has never met us telling us what we need to do in our personal lives. It’s not up to them. It never was.

And herein lies the most important part of this “new normal” trend.

It’s a choice.

These people trying to enforce a “new normal” aren’t wearing crowns or sitting on thrones. They’re elected officials. Officials elected by you. They can’t rule by fiat and can be fired and replaced just like any employee. Moreover, these officials don’t have the resources to stop every one of us.

It’s time we remember that we’re citizens of the United States of America, not the Kingdom of California or New York. If they tell us to jump, we don’t have to ask “how high.” We can tell them to go f*** themselves with an honest smile on our faces and they will have no choice but to accept it.

Have Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family. Plant a garden. Do what you want.

And for Pete’s sake, vote these would-be rulers out.

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